Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day 2013

Gary had to work on the Forth of July so the kids and I went exploring around town.  

Layla picked out an outfit for tonight so we had to go get matching jewelry.  
Oh the life of a 7 year old girl!

A Chic fil A trip is very necessary while shopping.  You know this!!

We stopped by Academy Sports and Outdoors because I miss it almost as much as Target!  We went to Target also, twice in two days.  haha!

The kids tried on hats and were giggling like crazy while I shopped!

The kids decided they needed to swim for an hour or so before dinner and fireworks.  It was raining, but our hotel has an indoor pool!

Layla wanted a photo of her festive swim suit!

We got dressed and took half a million pictures.  Half requested by me and half by Layla.  She's a little sassy diva lately.

After a yummy dinner, I ahhhem WE got a piece of cheesecake to split.  It was wonderful!

I love my little family!

We headed out to find the fireworks downtown, but we didn't think they would happen in the pouring rain.  We headed back to the hotel and on our way upstairs we saw a few pops of light!

This is an absolutely horrible picture, but if the kids are like me they will remember this memory for years to come.  We watched the fireworks from our hotel window.  It was so fun and we all had a great time and we were completely dry while all the other people were soaking wet!

We had a great day celebrating America!

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Traci said...

Y'all are all so freakin' cute! I remember as a child whenever we went to the mall we either ate at Piccadilly or Chick fil a & then when the mall started opening on Sunday's being really bummed because we Chick fil a was closed!