Friday, May 22, 2015

momma, baby and my lily

This isn't a great picture because I was sitting on the top deck and I had to zoom in with my phone, but what a fun capture none the less.

We saw a mommy deer and her baby walking in the alley way behind our house.  There is a small creek bed that flows down to the lake and the deer love to graze on who knows what along the way.  Lily spotted the baby standing alone and she was just as tall as it.  It was so sweet and the mom wandered off and Lily decided to stand still and have a stare off with the fawn.

The momma must have smelled the quiet Lily and she came back stomping.  She was not a happy momma, but Lily never moved.  She was just watching the baby and really I think she wanted to play.  Lily is just so sweet.  She wants a new friend! 

Finally the momma got to her baby and turned it around and off they went down the creek bed.  Most people in the neighborhood complain about the deer.  Heck, the are almost tame and they eat everything you plant, but I'm personally enjoying them.  The haven't jumped our fence yet, and they are just so fun to watch.  It's not rare to see them standing in the middle of the road, or up near a front door step eating whatever they can.  I joke that it's wild kingdom in our area!  

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