Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Yearbook signing party!

 I just wanna bottle up these moments and make them last forever.  I love hearing Layla's stories about all her friends.  I enjoy hearing who's dating who.

Excuse me.

Yes, you heard me.

They call it 'dating' now-a-days. In fourth grade we called it 'going together', and then of course my dad would say, "Where are you going?"

This picture was supposed to be a boyfriends and girlfriends picture.

I was taking pictures like crazy.  I'm sure I embarrassed Layla to death.  

Oh well, get used to it sister....we gotta take tons of pictures to remember these days.  I'd give anything if I had a blog of my childhood memories.

So speaking of embarrassing....

I asked her to take a picture with her (first) Shhhhh!  don't tell her I'm telling you boyfriend.  She hates this picture, but I think it is awesome.   She keeps saying mom, "Why didn't I smile?" 

Speaking of boyfriends, how in the world is she just now crushing on boys?  Maybe she isn't telling me, but I was BOY CRAZY!  I was chasing boys in kindergarten, writing love notes and begging my first grade crush to be my boyfriend.  He always said no.  Hmmm.  Maybe I was to pushy.  BUT he did let me borrow his white crayon ---- Haha!  My first grade YEAR was made!! That white crayon made the best looking puffy clouds ever. He has no idea how much I loved that white crayon moment.  

Anyway, I got off on my crush story.  Back to Layla.  She asked me if I had a boyfriend in fourth grade.  I said no, but that I had plenty of boyfriends before then.  The reason I remember I didn't have a boyfriend in fourth grade is because I sneeze farted in class one day.  YEA...MOR.TI.FIED!!  I was so embarrassed.  I'm sure you're thrilled to hear that about me.

 Soooo, Layla had a great fourth grade year and I'm so happy to report that she didn't sneeze fart!  :-)

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