Saturday, May 2, 2015

soccer saturday

I love watching the kids play soccer.  I try not to get my camera out because I enjoy just watching, but I had to snap a few pics with my BIG camera today.  I love my Canon and I just don't use it like I did once upon a time.

I can't get over how tall Layla looks in this photo.  Her legs are so long!

She's like a gazelle!

Haha!  In this picture too!  She's chasing that ball!

Layla was so freaked out by this girl.  The girl tripped Layla and I was so proud Layla got back up and went back after that ball!

There she is battling the same defender.  It was a great game!

Go Dragonflies!!!

And then it was time for the Blaze!

Hayden is having a great season!

He is punishing that ball,

I have to think he is a bit distracted by his itchy skin.  Look at him scratching his head.  He's a mess with eczema right now.  I'm gonna have to break down and buy some essential oils.  Poor guy is a mess.

But it doesn't stop him...

He loves this game!  His face is a show of determination. 

We had a successful day of soccer today!  I'll be sad when the season ends.

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