Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mommy day out!

This afternoon I met my new friend Piper for brunch and then we went to the swimming pool to relax a bit.  Summer is fast approaching and we wanted to have some relaxing momma time before the kiddos are home 24/7.

I'm trying to protect my face from the sun so I have a great view while laying around in a lounge chair.  I was the person that made fun of funny beach hats, and now I love them.

All the children all over the place were attending school and the life guards looked bored, so we decided to try out the water slide. much fun.  We laughed so hard.  She was on one slide and I was on the other and she managed to get this picture that perfectly matches my personality.  Mouth open screaming and yelling!   What a fun time!!

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