Monday, May 25, 2015

happy kiddos [finally} at TopGolf

Gary and I have been to Top Golf a couple of time since moving to the Atlanta area.

The kids were not happy with us going without them, but we decided to try it out and make sure it was fun before taking them.  You know, we wouldn't want to take them somewhere lame. ;) heeheehee!

We took them today!  The wait was crazy long, so we drove to check out a nearby lake and then we went back.  The wait was a bit shorter but we still had to wait.  We ate a few appetizers and the kiddos go the donut holes.  Top Golf serves infusable donut holes.  It is brilliant!!

I love my guys!!

We had a wonderful time and the kids seemed to love golfing at Top Golf.  Layla was doing amazing.  At one point Hayden was complimenting Layla on her swing.  He said, "wow those golf lessons really paid off!"  I'm surprised he remembers her taking golf lessons in Texas.

Ahhhh!  I love this girl!  This is what our selfies have turned into.  Silly stinker!

We had a fun day golfing.  At one point it was raining and we were completely dry.  
Yay for indoor golfing!

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