Friday, January 22, 2016


Gary is 42 years old!!

We are expecting snow here in Georiga!  As the clouds began to move into the area we decided to stay close to celebrate.  There is a Longhorn Steakhouse nearby, so we all ate steaks.

The bread was so delicious.  I made sure I just ate one piece 'cause I could have taken down the whole loaf with that warm sweet butter.

My food was out of the world delicious, but it didn't photograph well at all.  It's actually quite disgusting looking.  I got a fillet topped with lobster and hollandaise sauce.  It was sitting on asparagus and served with mashed potatoes.  It was a great steak full of flavor and yummy lobster pieces.  Gary ordered a ribeye and he enjoyed it.  He is kind of a steak snob.  He prefers to grill steak at home so it's cooked to his liking.  He was pleasantly surprised by a nice juicy steak!

The kiddos ordered smoothies as their drink and they were topped with whipped cream and cherries.  It seemed like they ordered dessert first!  We had a nice birthday dinner and then we headed home to sit by the fire.  The weather is nice and cold and perfect for some snow.   We are hoping to get snow tonight since we had a snow day today.  The kids were home from school and watched for snow all day long, but all we got was rain.  Hopefully they will wake up to some white stuff to play in! 

Happy Birthday to Gary!

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