Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I love talking, talking is the best!

It's no secret, I'm a talker.

I'll talk to anyone.  I'll overshare sometimes.  I'll talk when I shouldn't be talking.  I'm a talker.  I love to talk and once upon a time I had an apron made by my mother that said, "Help I'm talking and I can't shut up!"  That's a true story.

I don't think talking is a bad thing.  

Gary has to be married to me and he has to put up with my talking.  He always knows how I feel unless I'm throwing a temper fit in which I promise nothing is wrong.  Then an agrument starts.  "I know you Angie, clearly the look on your face shows something is wrong."  We all know how those fights go, and for me it's just for effect.  It only happens when I get really fired up!  I'm gonna tell him what is wrong by golly.  I just need to make a production of it.

I've been talking to Layla since she was born.  That poor girl has had to listen to me for years.  At the grocery store when she was a chubby little toot in the cart seat I'd talk to her about which milk to buy.  In the produce section I'd pick up an apple and show her what it was while describing it.  I'd talk to her while driving down the road about where we were heading next.  I think she gets her talking habit from me and I do indeed hope so.  Talking matters y'all.

Hayden wasn't much of a talker as a baby, but Layla talked for him.  We always knew exactly what he wanted because big sissy took care of his every need.  "Mom, he wants out of his crib.  Mom he has stinky pants!"  Once Hayden turned 3 we couldn't keep him quiet.  He still isn't as big a talker as Layla, but I think it's a guy thing.  He gets his point across when he needs to and that boy is down right hilarious!

Thankfully we are all talkers, even the silly dogs find a way to communicate in their own way.  

As the kids get older I want the talking to continue.  I pray it continues. Communication in ANY relationship is the key.  That means communication with friends, bosses, spouses and teachers. Talk, talk, talk,

Layla is 10 and 10 gets hard y'all.  I have my own opinions of the age 10, but right now I see Layla wanting to stay little so bad, but starting to want to be more mature all at the same time.  Her opinions are very important to us and we listen and try to understand her angle while keeping in mind that she is 10.  Sometimes she can have very imaginative ideas, but I want to know what is going on if she will share.  No matter what it is I will listen and try to be objective.  I just hope she keeps talking because so far that is what keeps our family in sync. 

All this to say, if you are or have a dog, baby, child, teenager, adult or senior citizen, communication is the key to everything.  Why don't people talk?  Why can't we all just be open and honest and try to talk through anything and everything that's going on.  Most the drama on half the shows I watch are about the characters not talking and sharing their feelings.  I know, I know, that is TV and that makes for great drama.  But that is just a reference. Sometimes I just roll my eyes and scream at the characters making their lives harder than they should be.

Real life...let's talk about it, but let me have my coffee if it's early in the morning!

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Amy said...

i love this! i know this will probably shock you….but I'M A TALKER! ;-)
and i married a non-talker. which has it's advantages and disadvantages. honestly, until i had laney (who talks and talks and talks - even in her sleep!) i never realized how exhausting it could be - ha! that girl wears me down with her talking every day - i've got nothing on her.
but this just made me all teary - i hope my girls will always want to talk to me. and layla wanting to stay little but growing up - break.my.heart. only because I KNOW exactly what you're talking about. it's so hard. but you're doing a great job. keep on talking, momma! <3