Wednesday, January 6, 2016

the big grape bubble gum challenge

We started off our New Year with a bubble gum blowing contest!  

The kids love chewing gum.  They are always asking for gum gum gum. While shopping I saw grape flavor Hubba Bubba at the checkout line and it made me want to chew gum.  I remember blowing bubbles as a kid and it was the best fun.  

Y'all, chewing gum isn't for sissies.  That piece of Hubba Bubba was huge.  I couldn't get it chewed without a jaw cramp.  I finally started blowing bubbles after about 10 minutes of chewing.  It's like that big blob grows 4,000 times its original size in your mouth and promptly loses it's flavor and gets hard. 

Chewing gum and life issues are similar huh?!  Some things start out full of flavor and you have to conquer that blob to get it to the bubble stage. Then after a few bubbles you move on and spit out the hard gum.  

Leave it to me to over analyze our gum chewing fun. ;)  

Back to the contest... 
 We all gave it our best shot, but I think I actually had the biggest bubble.  I tried to get one of Gary's giant bubbles on camera, but it popped too fast, so we're just gonna say I won. I'm pretty sure the kids are ready for a rematch soon!  

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