Friday, January 8, 2016

on the mend

I pretty much jinxed myself saying I haven't been sick in ages.  I'm siiiicckkkk.  I'm using every single oil I can to get through this cold though.  I'm rubbing and diffusing and breathing in the hot steamy oily water.  It helps and I'm going to cut my sick time in half.  I'm on a glass half full mission to blast this cold away.  After a friend recommended it I used rosemary and peppermint in my boiling pot.  My skin looks amazing because I got a facial at the same time. ;-)

Lily is enjoying my lazy days on the couch.  I've read 2 books so far this week and am starting a 3rd book.  I'm missing my workouts, but I just want to feel better, so I'm not guilting myself to death about missing a week of lifting weights.

My throat hurt so bad this morning and I had enough.  I don't usually ingest my oils, but DID! I poured honey and a few drops of each of these oils, peppermint, frankincense and lemon into this medicine cup.  I swallowed it down really fast and WOW!  I thought I was going to breath fire for a few minutes, but dang it.  I CAN BREATHE again!

I whipped up a 'whatever I had in the cabinets' chicken soup and enjoyed it with an audience in front of the fire.  These dogs are starving, you'd think I never feed them.  The kids will be home from school soon and I'm hoping to feel better.  Gary has been out of town and you know crazy things happen when he's gone, like this and this and kinda like this week.  I'm siiiiccckkk.  LOL!  

It's Friday and a cold front is heading our way.  I'm ready to stay all warm and snuggly this weekend and enjoy time with Gary when he gets back into town tomorrow!

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