Thursday, February 14, 2013

The things that happen when Gary travels

Do you remember back a few years ago when I wrote about how things go crazy when Gary is out of town?  Just because it is true and unbelievable read that post if you haven't.  Guess what?  Gary is out of town and the past day has been wild and crazy.  I may go into too much detail about a few things, so feel free to skip over the TMI parts.

Yesterday started out as a normal day.  Hayden and I headed to my Zumba class and I was feeling a little stuffy, but I assumed it was just allergies the wind blew in on Tuesday when it was 61 degrees and windy.  I knew Zumba would be a challenge with a stuffy nose, but I pushed through it.  Hayden on the other hand sneezed 500 times and was a snotty mess.  I decided to keep him home from school because he just looked so pitiful.

Hayden and I lounged around and used half a box of tissues.  I rested because Lily hasn't been sleeping through the night yet.  I have to take her outside during the night, so I'm a little drained from no sleep.  I have to say it is worth it though, because she is a sweet girl.  She is the best Valentine's day gift ever and the puppy/potty training phase will be over so fast.  I don't mind a few weeks of random sleep.

We picked Layla up from school in the snow.  I was shocked to see it was snowing when I looked out the window.  The snowflakes were the biggest I've ever seen.  

Once we got home from school we all had a snack and then Layla said her stomach started to hurt. Turns out she has a stomach virus that hit right about bed time.  Bedtime can get hectic around here and with Gary gone and a puppy too ... I was already struggling to get clean sheets on Hayden's bed.  Then Layla got sick all over the living room, kitchen and downstairs bathroom.  I literally thought I was going to die.

I needed a towel around my face to clean it up.  
Meanwhile Hayden was so stuffy he couldn't sleep or breathe.

I had him sitting in a chair near the window breathing in cool air.  Daisy was scarred to death hiding somewhere and Lily had to be crated due to all the commotion   It was like in the movies.  haha!  I was in an action packed sick house and even though I was stuffy I still struggled with cleaning barf.  IT was everywhere.  Bless Layla's heart.  I don't think she has thrown up in YEARS.  I don't think she knew what was going on.  I remember when I was a kid and I couldn't make it to the bathroom.  It's just so sad.

Layla's night was very rough and she is sad about missing school today on Valentine's day.  She still isn't 100% comfortable at her new school and for her to be excited to go made me happy.  After she got sick she was so upset to be missing school.  It's just so sad.

Hayden and Daisy have been resting today.  He isn't going to school again today because I am so tired.  I can't imagine getting Layla into the car to drop him off at school.  AND as bad as this stomach virus is, I don't want him eating a bunch of junk if he gets sick today.  I hope Hayden and I are spared, but I feel like I may be feverish.  Layla has fever, and I was with her all night last night.  I hope I don't get sick, but the rumor is going around that this bug is brutal.

Gary is heading home tomorrow and I hope he doesn't get sick.  Valentine's day is not at all what I expected and I am thankful we didn't have big plans today.  We would have missed them for sure.  I still can't believe all this happened once again while Gary is gone.  Hey, at least we don't have a bee hive the size of my head in the backyard! ;)  Things can always be worse right?!


Sarah said...

I think you need a cigarette! ha! :) So sorry girl! Praying the rest of you are spared the nasty bug!!!!

Emily said...

Oh Lord. Yep, I know how that is. Alex went out of town last week and he wasn't gone for an hour before one of the children flushed a lego and totally jammed up the potty!