Monday, February 4, 2013

icicles and snow angels

Look at the icicles the kids found on their walk home from school today.  They are huge!

The snow that fell all day today was great 'snowball' snow.  Hayden has great aim and he threw several snowballs at me and made contact!

He's such a happy little man.

Layla was excited because school started 2 hours late today.  She was thrilled to get to hang out in her jammies later this morning.

Snow angels are the best in deep snow!

Both kids were squinting because the snow was falling into their eyes!

Daisy Mae enjoys the snow too.  She has the furriest little body and the snow sticks to her legs and face.  The faster she runs through the house the wetter the floor gets.  The colder weather makes her so frisky.'

It's safe to say we are all liking the snow!  I know some day we may get tired of it, but the joy in the kids eyes when they look outside says it all!

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Kelli said...

Snow angels are the best! So glad you all are enjoying the are definitely getting a taste of Ohio weather.