Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday recap

Gary decided to make a pot of chili for SuperBowl Sunday.  Chili is always better the day after it is cooked.  We like to let the flavors mesh in the fridge overnight.  In this picture he is sauteing the garlic and onions.  He already browned the meat and added the tomato sauce.  Man, making chili is a task.  Gary takes his time and puts a lot of effort into each pot he makes!

I made lasagna bites with leftover lasagna.  I needed a fast appetizer since we were having friends over.  I'll post the recipe sometime this week.

We were gifted a ping pong table and we put it in the basement hoping the kids would like it.  They were still a bit afraid of the basement, but Gary made it more homey.  I think eventually they will love it down there.  Having friends over and them playing ping pong with us downstairs really helped the kids love the basement!    The home owner had carpet in the basement and it was glued to the floor.  When they removed the carpet they left remnants of glue all over the floor.  IT is a dusty mess down there.  We have swept the floor a million times and it is still a huge dusty mess.  I don't know if we will ever get rid of the dusty gluey floor.

Ping pong is fun for people who know how to play.  For competitive people like me who hate being terrible at stuff....I was boiling mad.  I am a terrible ping pong player.  I'm going to practice though.  I think I will like it if I take time to learn how to play.

It snowed all day!  All day and several inches of snow.  We couldn't believe it, but it is so pretty!

Tomorrow is SuperBowl Sunday!  I can't wait to see who wins the big game!

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