Friday, February 15, 2013

Another one bites the dust...

I'm so sad to say that Hayden is the second victim of the terrible stomach bug. It hit him this afternoon almost 48 hours after Layla got it.

He has been lucky in his 4.5 years of life. This is his first time to throw up. He said, "Mommy, I wish I wasn't sick because I have the sniffles and the stomach bug!" He also said to Gary, "Daddy I don't want to touch you because you will get the stomach germ."

Layla seems better today and she is even getting her appetite back. She didn't go to school today and she doesn't have school Monday for Presidents Day, so she will be very well rested and recovered. Hello 5 day weekend!

I am still sniffly, but so far I have dodged the stomach nastiness. I'm terrified I'm next! Ugh!!!

Y'all stay far far away from our house!!

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Annie said...

I hope Layla and Hayden get better soon! Stomach bugs are awful!