Tuesday, February 5, 2013

lasagna bites

Gary was out of town most of last week and even though Layla and I were going to a birthday party Friday night I made lasagna for the guys.  I knew Gary would love a home cooked meal after being gone for the week.  The lasagna turned out good and we all ate a big piece for dinner.  Layla and I even had a slice before the party!

Saturday afternoon we invited friends over to hang out for the afternoon and play some games.  I decided to slice the lasagna into bite size pieces and make lasagna cupcakes.  The cupcake liners worked great!  When we ate them Saturday night it was like eating a 'shot' of lasagna.  It is a great way to finish up a pan of lasagna.  Lasagna is always better the next day, so this was a win win!

I mostly followed the lazy lasagna recipe I posted back in 2009, but I had some cottage cheese in the fridge that needed to be used, so I added it to the lasagna layering process.  I love the flavor and consistency the cottage cheese gave to the lasagna.  I definitely experimented when adding it in!

Here's to a few shots of lasagna!

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