Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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Gary and I aren't really into Valentine's day.  We do fun stuff for the kids, but I don't usually expect flowers and chocolates for myself.   I love all the red and pink and all the fun things for kids.  I love the candy, but I like to sample a piece of candy from the heart shaped box and put it back if I don't like it.  Yucky huh?  My family won't share candy with me.  I'm not a big chocolate fan, so if it tastes weird I put it back.  I don't waste calories on something that doesn't taste good.  Oh .... I know I am pathetic!

I've been addicted to the show Pretty Little Lairs.  I finally caught up on all 3 seasons.  It is a girlie show and honestly I don't think it is appropriate for ABC family, but whatever.  I usually let Layla watch most shows on that channel, but Pretty Little Liars is a little scary at times.  She won't be viewing it any time soon.  I can't wait to watch the episode recording right now on my DVR.

It has been warm the past few days here in Ohio.  When I say warm I mean it was 61 degrees yesterday and very windy.  Today it was in the 50's and still nice outside.  The weather makes me very excited about springtime!!  I can't wait to see all the trees green.  There are so many trees in our new state!  I wish our yard was bigger.

In previous posts (especially back in TX)  I have mentioned Hayden having asthma and needing an inhaler for daily breathing treatments.  Since getting his daily doses of medicine he hasn't really shown signs of asthma attacks.  We moved to Ohio and he hasn't needed allergy medicine or his inhaler.  We have stopped all medications all together. I am so happy for him!!! Even his eczema has pretty much gone away.  (crossing my fingers it stays away!)  Here I am hoping for springtime and in that hoping I also hope Hayden's allergies and asthma don't come back. Who knows what will happen when all the trees bud and the grass turns green. Also we don't have carpet in our house.  I wonder if that is helping him too.  We'll see how he does since we got a new puppy.  I hope he isn't allergic to Lily.

Lily is doing great.  She let me trim her toenails tonight.  She is so sweet and very vocal.  She grunts and groans and barks.  She is just so sweet and I love her little face!

Today I was late picking Hayden up from school.  I had to mail a few things and I got stuck at the post office.  It never fails when I go to the post office I get stuck in a line of at least 10 people.  I have all my items all packaged up and ready to mail and the post office clerk tells me I've used the wrong box.  Today was no different.   I wanted to crawl into the post office drop box just to get away from the frustration.  My lovely friend Erin picked up Hayden from school because I was late.  When I finally got him and got home we headed out to the backyard to let Lily do her business.  Hayden shut the backdoor and we quickly found out the door locked.  We were locked out of the house.  This is the second time this has happened to me since moving here.  I'm going to make a few spare keys tomorrow.  I ended up having to call a locksmith to come let me in.  It's just a ridiculous expense.  I'm thankful for the man who broke into my house, but it sure hurt handing over my credit card number.  At least this time the weather was nice.  Last time I locked myself out it was cold and pouring down rain.

Tomorrow is the first of our Valentine's parties. Hayden has one party on Wednesday and one on Thursday.  Layla has her party on Thursday and then we are doing our family stuff on Friday.  It will be a fun few days of celebrating 'RED and PINK'

Now I am off to watch some PLL!   Momma needs to watch some drama that isn't hers!!

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