Monday, January 18, 2016

in our pajamas

This post is a post in which every sentence should be followed by


Ready, set, GO......

This weekend was freezing cold her in Georgia.  We pretty much hibernated all weekend long and didn't leave the house.  We are on a 'saving money' mission and so we did everything fun here at home we could think of.

We played Life!

They played Legos and the used a Home Depot box to set up Lego scenes.

We did gymnastics and worked on our flexibility.

We read books.

We played on our iPads.

We ate decorator dogs, otherwise known as hot dogs with all kinds of toppings.

We played poker.

Hayden kicked his feet back while eating popcorn.

We played multiple games of checkers.

The mini chef made cupcakes.

They were cute and tasted amazing!

We had a fun weekend just the four of us...... In our pajamas!

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