Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

We were planning a pretty low key NYE 2015.  Gary had to work and I worked here at home cleaning up Christmas and giving the house a good cleaning while I was in the cleaning mode.  We were both ready to chill out and hang with the kiddos and turn in before 12:00.

We ate pizza and I took pictures while the kids and my one big kid had monster truck races.  Then about 9:30 the neighbor texted us and said they were doing fireworks.  Who can say no to fun with the neighbors?  We went outside and enjoyed watching boys be boys.

Thankfully the weather turned chilly for us and we wore jackets and coats, except my guys still work shorts.  It's almost comical now. Ugh!

This one is my favorite!!

Layla did a sparkler.  Just one.  She wasn't in the fireworks mood, but she had fun watching!  

After the fireworks show we headed inside to watch the ball drop and pop some popcorn!

We even busted out the selfie stick and the kiddos played Wii until 2:30 am.  I was shocked when we looked at the clock and it was so late.  How did that happen?  Our early night turned late, but we didn't care.  We had a great time!

And yes, that is a box on the couch.  Two boxes taped together to be exact.  The children got all kinds of Christmas gifts this year, but they made a fort out of a box and have been playing inside it all week long.  Goodness gracious.  (sigh)  Next year we are just getting them boxes.  ;)

Happy New Year friends!

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