Sunday, November 22, 2009

A new spin on corn

If you guys don't make this for a Thanksgiving side dish...try it this year! It is so yummy. I make and take it every year to my parent's house.
This year Gary and I are cooking on Friday for his family, so I will be making it twice this year.

Corn Casserole

2~cans of sweet corn
1~8 oz package of cream cheese
1~4 oz can of chopped green chilies

Mix all ingredients in a microwave safe dish.
Heat until cream cheese is melted.
And your done! Super easy and tasty!

I am off to the kitchen to start making cornbread for the dressing I am making for our meal on Friday. I am also making a ZERO point soup for me to snack on this week. I am going to be around so much food, but I am planning to stick to my Weight Watchers plan. Lord help me!! The soup is really good, it has a ton of veggies, cabbage, zucchini, and a can of Rotel.
Anyway, I will be snacking on it trying to curb those cravings...HA!
What was I thinking doing WW over the holidays??
Have a great Sunday afternoon Y'all!


Q, La, and Gooner said...

Ha! My Mom is doing WW and I'm counting calories...all over the holidays. FOR REALS! It just means that we will be thaaaaaaat much ahead!

Bri said...

Adorable blog!

Heather said...

oh yummy!!! My hubby will love anything with corn since he grew up in Iowa!

jules said...

That corn sounds delicious. And easy.

Kelli said...

I'm making cornbread dressing on Friday too! I love that stuff and I should try and save some calories for the big meal coming up. Hmm...

beckylbranch said...

MMMM that sounds good and it has a little kick with the green chilis. His ticket was $115!!! Ahhh!!! That is so crazy...but everything is more expensive in Southlake...or so I've heard!

HIP HOP said...

follow my blog & ill follow yours 100% guarantee

Kelli W said...

That sounds yummy and so easy to make! Good luck on WW...I did it a few years ago over the holidays. It not too bad until the cookies start baking!

Unknown said...

that sounds super yummy!!


it only has 3 ingredients :o)