Friday, November 13, 2009

a little bit of this and that

Wow whee...this week has been busy!

Hayden is turning into a little man right before my eyes and it has happened this week. He is trying so hard to talk but really "eih" is all that comes out. If something happened to his pointer finger we'd all be in trouble. It points to his drink "eik" and the airplanes in the sky "eih". Except for mommy "mAaamA" and Daddy "Dadaaa" and Layla "GaGaaA" This morning after dropping Layla at school he was trying to Moo like a cow. Sooo stinkin' funny. I'll try to take a pic of his little lips sticking out Moo~ing. You just made your lips stick out just thinking about it didn't ya?

Did you guys watch Grey's or Private Practice last night? I'm so glad a saved some Weight Watcher points for that glass of red wine. I had to have something to calm my nerves. WHY do they air Private Practice at 9:00PM. Who can sleep after all that business? Holy Moly it wore me smooth out. I could record it and watch it another day or time, but then someone would tweet about it or I'd see/hear a review on TV or the radio. GEeeez it was gripping!

I have to say I LOVE those shows. I'm guessing I love a racing heartbeat and cramps in my fingers from grabbing on my blanket while watching a car with two women {one pregnant} roll down a crusty hill too. ARgghhhh. And about Grey's, did you see the preview for next week? REally? McSteamy as a father?? Wow, that is a crazy turn of events. I am however so OVER Izzy and Alex. Is this high school? They have some serious issues they need to deal with. I just have a really hard time with communication issues. Everyone has a mouth and that is what it is for...talking. Talk out your issues. You are married to each another, but you can't talk. Anyway... I can't wait to see what happens with both shows. Thank goodness they are shows. I think I may be a little too into them..teehee!


Someday far from today, Layla will be so mad about me telling this story. And the picture....HA! Yesterday she came into the office while I was working on reading blogs. She was holding her chest area and she said " Mommy, did you know that boobies don't have bones." She proceeded to dance around the office holding herself, laughing and singing about her boobies. I would love to be in her brain for just one day to hear all the thoughts she has.

And one other thing I think I'm gonna add to my sidebar.
This quote is AMAZING!!!
If you planted hope today in any hopeless heart. If someones burden was lighter,because you did your part. If you caused a laugh ,that chased some tears away. If tonight your name is named, when someone kneels to pray. Then your day has been well spent...Author Unknown

Love it, love it, love it!!
Every time I read it I get the chills!
Happy Friday Y'all!


jenn w/ 2 n's said...

AMAZING QUOTE!! Love it. You're right, Layla is going to HATE that picture in about 10 years. HA!

Emily said...

Oh that is a great quote. And that's hilarious about the boobies. My kids are totally obsessed with boobies!

Summer said...

Love that quote!

Ok..that boobie story/picture is total blackmail material...LOL...hilarious!!!

Kelli said...

Happy Friday to you. I have to skip part of your post because I am behind on Grey's and Private Practice...sniff. The Layla story is so funny, especially with the picture.

Unknown said...

Love that I found your blog! What a precious family you have. And thank you for sharing that great quote! Have a great weekend.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Um, so I should stop holding myself and singing and dancing and laughing about my boobies...?

Cindy said...

So funny That I did say moo to see what the pic of Hayden would be like. You called that one I haven't watched this weeks Greys of PP yet. So no spoiling. I so love my DVR.

Boobies, Boobies. Just wait. My 17 yr old has bigger ones than me and I just want to bind her tightly in bandages so they don't catch any eyes. Or if she would only wear turtle necks my days would be way less stressful.

Heather said...

Layla cracks me up!! Ha ha ha, she is going to be mad one day! Emma has done similar stuff! I have to watch grey's on the DVR, I just don't think it's as good this year. I am not liking where they are taking it. My fav couple is Lexie and McSteamy. Hayden is so cute, i wish our babies could play together, they would have fun talking in their little words!

The Zander Zoo said...

Oh my! I was catching up on your blog this afternoon and came across this! Oh my! I just love it! She is too cute! I have so many boobie stories on Tori! She would have a fit if I typed any! hehehe Also love your comments about Grey's and Private Practice! I love them both too! Hope all is well and love catching up with you and your family on here!