Thursday, November 19, 2009

Munchkin Feast

Doesn't the table look so cute!
Look closely at the pumpkin center pieces.
They are rolls of toilet paper wrapped in orange tissue paper. The stem is brown construction paper rolled up! How stinkin' cute and easy is that??

All the little munchies standing at the table about to bless the food.
These kids are so sweet...I just love that we have such a great preschool group.

MY little munchkin...she wasn't feeling the bows in her pigtails. She yanked them out. Oh well.

Getting a little exercise after the ginormous feast.

Can you believe that next Thursday is Thanksgiving??

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Kelli W said...

That table and those pumpkins {TP..too clever} are adorable! We did lunch with Henry today at school and tomorrow is lunch at Grant's preschool. We may be turkeyed out before Thanksgiving even gets here!

beckylbranch said...

Awe! That is so cute! I cannot believe that is toilet paper, so creative!

Cindy said...

Those TP pumpkins are too cute. Gosh I have way too many cool crafts to make. Not that I really consider that a problem.

Carolyn said...
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Elaine said...

YOur kiddos are so cute! We made pumpkins like that using toilet paper, plastic bags for stuffing, and material squares in different orange patterns. Then we used an actual cut stick/limp to stuff in teh middle for the stem. They turned out so cute...especially when you group several together...but the tissue paper and construction paper is even easier..and just as cute! Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, and the deleted comment under William was me...I didn't realize I was still signed in under my Dad's account.oops!

shortmama said...

Awww looks like a good time!

Carrie said...

That is so cute! I miss preschool! I don't get to have those sweet little gatherings with my kiddos anymore :( Well...some with Emily still. Alex had a cute Thanksgiving program last year, and I don't think there is anything this year :( So adorable, looked like fun!

Hollie said...

Those tp pumpkins are too cute!! I may be stealing (I mean borrowing of course!) that idea for next week!

Heather said...

oh my word, that table looks adorable and Layla is so cute!! What a fun time!! So ready for Thanksgiving!

Kelli said...

I love stuff like that and those pumpkins are adorable. That Layla too, such a diva!