Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Recap

Our city provided trees for us to plant this weekend. I remember signing up for something about 6 months ago, but really didn't think we would ever see the results. Saturday morning the little sticks were delivered and Gary planted them. Our neighbors also got trees too, so it was fun to plant them with the kiddos running around the yards.

We live in a very new neighborhood with very few trees. That is the only thing about building a home in a neighborhood like trees.

We have a few more trees now, and that is great. We got a really long stick, and then this one seen below. It almost looks like a shrub. They will grow into nice large trees in a million years. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but they are so cracks me up! Thank goodness for the rain this afternoon. It is watering them down.

Our little stick.

Layla & I had a ball making her a turkey shirt! It turned out so cute & she is so happy with it. She is planning to wear it to her Thanksgiving feast at preschool on Wednesday. I will take pictures for sure!!

(look it's Clark Griswold)

Gary hung the outdoor Christmas lights...Yay! We just do clear lights all the way around the house. We aren't planning on turning them on for a couple of weeks, but just having that off the TO DO list is nice. We won't turn them on until we put up our Christmas tree...the weekend after Thanksgiving.

My little HarBar's arthritis is acting up. Her little hips are hurting her and she barely slept a wink last night. I was up with her several times. I'm saying prayers that she feels better soon. She is a cow dog and feels as though she needs to protect us in our fenced yard. She runs all day long. I have her locked in our bedroom, but she still hears all the goings on in the backyard and runs around the bedroom. How is that helping her little hips? Ughhhh!! Anyway, I'm hoping she will feel better soon.


Lyryn said...

You guys can take a tree from our back yard! We have too many! lol! Sounds like a great weekend!

beckylbranch said...

LOL! He looks just like Clark up on that roof! I hope all the lights worked :)
That's so nice they provide trees for you, we have an itty bitty one in our front yard, but your right the newer neighborhoods are missing all those beautiful trees!

shortmama said...

With nothing but cactus and bushes around here, Id take the stick tree lol. Hope your doggie feels better soon

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Hope your pup feels better!!

Heather said...

I love how you called that little tree little sticks. HA! It will be beautiful one day. I am thinking I am going to have to whip out Christmas Vacation this week, I need a good laugh, and it might be on every day till Christmas from here on out!

Cindy said...

Your little sticks are so cute. Don't worry, they will grow.

We too usually put up our lights around now but no lights for us this yr with the move. Next yr we will totally deck out the new house.

Kelli W said...

We don't have a lot of trees at our house either...and most of them started out as sticks too! I can't wait to see pics of Layla's shirt!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I love that you said, "Look, it's Clark Griswold"

I swear you and I would be such good friends in real life!!! LOL

And the turkey shirt sounds so cuteI cant wait to see the photos!