Saturday, June 26, 2010

Full heart!!

Look who I got to meet today...........It is baby Connor! 

And, I got to meet his pretty mommy Becky too :)

I have been following Becky's blog for a while now and come to find out we live about 15 miles away from one another.  We met today IRL [in real life] for the first time.  She is just as sweet in person as she seems on her blog!  She is 'what you see is what you get'!  She loves to shop for Connor, loves her chocolate, and she even got her daily dose of iced coffee! 

She treated me to a piece of Godiva white chocolate and I am sure my life will never be the same.  I had to fight Hayden off, he tried to eat the whole thing.  HA!
Thanks was so yummy!!

I am so excited to have met her and can't wait to plan more fun outings with her and her boys.  I got to meet Terence too.  We will defiantly be getting Terence and Gary together for a golf outing soon!

While Becky, Connor, Hayden and I visited and had lunch, Layla and Auntie went to see Toy Story 3.  I think they had a wonderful time.  Layla told me all about it.  They even got to see it in 3D...we now have 3D glasses to put in our eyeglass collection.

They were so ready to get outside to play in the pool.  I'm surprised they were even looking at the camera. I begged them to throw the specs on really quick so I could get a pic. That explains the blank stares...I'm pretty sure the lenses are so dirty with fingerprints neither one of them could see out of them.  Heehee!!

Layla is showing Auntie all about how to swim.  Layla has come so far the past few weeks and is now doing the Nestea plunge like her daddy.  Here she is showing her Auntie how it is done!  I am so proud of Layla and the little fish she is becoming!  And holy hotness.  You can't be outside without being in the water.  It is so hot!

While us girls were doing our fun stuff during the day, Gary and Uncle Donny Ray were golfing.  Hayden was so happy to see the guys when they got home.   He wouldn't leave his daddy and Donny Ray's sides!  I just love this picture of the silly boys being goofy and grinning.  Gary is suffering the effects of no sunscreen on the golf course.  He gets so dark in the summertime.  He uses sunscreen and still gets super dark.  Gotta love that summer tan.

I had a wonderful day. 

I'm so blessed to have met a wonderful new friend! 
I am so happy to have spent time with the kiddos, Gary and my Aunt and Uncle. 

I am one lucky lady and am so happy to surround myself with happy, positive people.


Bonnie said...

I wish I could've met you too! It would be so fun. Ugh, I need to meet a good person here to hang out with! (or maybe just move there, haha) Wishful thinking. I guess we'll see where life takes us... I'm glad ya'll had a fun day!
<3 Bon

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

I am so happy for you!!! Sounds like a wonderful day, glad you got to have such a great time and found a new friend.


Unknown said... so happy for you!!!

i wish we lived closer =)

looks like a fun day was had by all...

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

She has such a cute blog! Anyone into bling is a friend of mine!

beckylbranch said...

I had SO much fun! We will get together soon! When do you guys want to BBQ or something? I need to get Connor a swimsuit...he's never been in any water except for the bathtub :P Thanks for a great time and I'm so glad to have made a new friend :)

Kelli said...

Becky is one lucky lady to be able to get together with you. It is so much fun meeting blog friends in real life. Looks like everyone had a great weekend!