Monday, June 28, 2010

In a festive mood

Y'all, I am so excited about the 4th of July this year.
I can't wait to make this below for our neighborhood block party on the 4th, next Sunday. The moment I saw it in The Food Network magazine I just knew I had to make it!

(pic from

And how fun would these be to make?

I love sugar cookies with icing...yum-o!

I found this craft...a hand wreath online.
Last night I got all the stuff together to make it,
and Layla said it was too much cutting.
Poooo!  I'm gonna make it myself.

Now that her little brother has discovered our [BIG] pool, Layla wants to splash and play with him all the time.  We have already been out there this morning.  I can't get anything done.  Hayden is still a bit wobbly in the {new for him} pool, so I can't take my eye off of him.  I'm hoping for fun Fourth of July crafts and food fun this week, but I'm sure the kids have other plans.  

Lots & lots of splashes and giggles...oh how I love summer :)

Tomorrow I am posting one of our favorite Fourth of July dips.  It has become a tradition in our family.  In fac,t one of my great friends requested it recently. So of course I shared!  It is so good and well, dippy!  I have shared it before, on here, but just have to post it so you can all go get the stuff for it.

What are you doing for the Fourth this year?


Kelli said...

That dessert looks so great and so creative. I can't wait to see how yours turns out and to hear about this dip! That pool looks like a lot of fun. Rondell and I were just talking about getting one just like it. This year we are going to watch a local parade and then attend our church's Food, Fun & Fireworks. It is always a fun time.

LeAnna said...

Oooh, can't wait to see your dip recipe! I love dips.

Lauren said...

Oh my goodness, those 4th of July treats are adorable!!! :)

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

what times the party?
i saw they are building a chuy's down the tollway 12 mins from my home! haha

Drew's Mom said...

Nice to see I'm not the only one anxious for the 4th of July food! Love those cute ideas! and love your new default pic. Your family is adorable.

Unknown said...

those treats look so yummy!!!

Anonymous said...

You know I love those goodies!! I am so excited for july 4th!

Laura said...

OMG....Im drooling!!!

Carrie said...

Those desserts look so yummy! Sounds like you have a fun week planned! We are going to a friends house to cook out and maybe fireworks, but it doesn't get dark until 10pm...that's a little late on a Sunday! I love fireworks though!

Kelli W said...

Those are some great 4th of July ideas! I saw some cookies a few days ago that had Pop Rocks mixed in the batter and then sprinkled on top of the icing! I think my they would be so fun for the 4th!