Friday, June 18, 2010

Lions Tigers and Bears...

warning***photo overload***warning

We had an amazing time on our Thursday trip to the zoo.

We met Hollie, one of my life long friends, and her girls, Maddie & Kenzie.
We arrived when the zoo opened and almost shut it down. 
It was so great to hang out with Hollie!  She and I have been friends for so long. 
Our kids had so much fun together.  We have the four best kids ever.  

The girls were belly laughing at the gorilla.  The silly thing was sitting there eating his boogers.
 He put his finger right up inside his nose and ate it.  Uggh!!  So nasty. But super funny too.

I think feeding the birds was the highlight of the day.  It was so fun. 
We bought sticks with bird seed stuck to them.  The birds were so tame and just at the food right off the sticks.  The kids just went crazy...I did was so fun!

Hayden was cracking up.  His giggles were so cute.

This bird just sat right on Maddie's arm while she fed it...I was amazed! 

During the end of the bird feeding adventure, Layla saw a boy step on a bird.  He killed it.  She was devastated.  She has talked about it non-stop.  Bless her heart.  She came home and reenacted it.  She said it squeaked when it died. Oh, bless her heart.  It's such a tough thing for a 4 year old to see.  But she is okay with it after a talk about death...just want I wanted to do after a hot day at the zoo.

Layla and Kenzie cheezin'!!

Hayden and Kenzie

Three pretty ladies!

By 4pm Hayden was DONE! 
He did so good considering he didn't get a nap all day long. 

Maddie, Hayden and Kenzie! 


Unknown said...

that pic of hayden with his hands on his GREAT!!!

he looks like one tired kiddo!!!

great pics angie!

Kelli said...

Those are really great pictures. There's nothing like hanging out with great kids and old friends. So sad about the bird though. I love the picture of tuckered out Hayden!

Just Add Walter said...

great pictures - looks like a super fun time!

have a great weekend!

Drew's Mom said...

Looks like a great time... except the bird incident.. how sad! And love that last picture of Hayden, what a trooper =)

Anonymous said...

I am glad you all had fun at the zoo! Have a nice weekend celebrating your hubby/dad's day!

JennyMac said...

Adorable pics!!!!! Love them. Looks like a fab time had by all (except that last pic of

Unknown said...

I think Layla "milking" the cow might be my favorite picture!! hahaha... that is hysterical.
Oh my goodness - I cannot believe a bird was stepped on by a boy. Was it an accident?! I can't believe the bird didn't move on time. I am traumatized and I wasn't even there :(

That looks like an amazing day at the zoo though... absolutely perfect!!

Ashley said...

Great pics! We have a zoo pass so we are always at the zoo...and I don;t think my son ever get tired of it!!! We need to get a gorilla though....that would be entertaining!


Hollie said...

It was a super fun day!! Can't wait for our next adventure!

Ashley said...

Wow! I guess when you stay all day at the zoo you really do see some amazing sights! Booger eating gorillas and a bird getting trampled??? That is just crazy. Once we got to watch a bird eat a HUGE rat and another time we watched the tigers mating. Or what appeared as mating. Ha! Your pics are all so great!!

shortmama said...

Looks so fun!

Meant to be a mom said...

All the kids are just adorable. It looks like they had a great time at the zoo. But how horrible about the bird. I would be upset too. That's just sad.
I'm glad you enjoyed it minus he bird.
Cute pictures!

Heather said...

These pics are so good Ang!!! We love going to the zoo and might have to hit up yours soon!! All the kiddos look so cute, so glad you guys had a great time!

Lauren said...

So fun, and so sad about the bird!!!! :(