Friday, June 4, 2010

a slight irritation...Gggrrr!

Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes yesterday.
You guys are so sweet!

I had a wonderful day!


Gary was out of town on business and he surprised me with an earlier flight home!
It was awesome to see him. We went out to El Fenix for a fun birthday lunch. I ate a whole basket of chips myself. Their queso is to die for!!

After our fun lunch out we headed to the pool and took a quick swim...see the pics below.

Oh no! you don't see the pics below b/c I can't upload them...buggy!

Hayden didn't want to swim. He wanted to walk around and touch every trash can. He is obsessed with trash cans. Seriously....OBSESSED...he points at them and talks about trash constantly. I think we have a trash man in our future!


I am so excited about my upcoming weekend!

We are gonna keep on celebrating...weeehooo!
Does anyone else celebrate their birthday for a week before and a week after their birthday?


But first I must get something off my chest!

Ever so often when I know I will be busy I schedule blog posts to auto post. Anyway, while Gary was out of town, after the kids were in bed, and I while I had time...I scheduled a few posts for today, and the weekend. And also a fun post for today. Whew, that was a mouth full of words and so not grammatically correct.
It was a fun summer snack food that I wanted to share. I spent quite a bit of time preparing the post.

This morning it was scheduled to auto post and guess what?


I still can't upload pics from my birthday yesterday.
I don't think it is my computer, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, I am so stinkin' annoyed right now. Grrrr!!

Silly technology trying to be smarter than me...


Kelli W said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday! I hate when blogger is acting all wonky! Now I've got to go check and see if my pics are messed up too! Can't wait to see your fun summer snack:)

Kelli said...

How sweet that he surprised you for your birthday. Love it! Now I want chips and queso...thanks. I wonder what is up with the pictures. Technology stuff is over my head so I would be no help. I hope you get it worked out soon.

Unknown said...

i hate it when blogger screws up.

i bet the pics were great =)

Lauren said...

Technology, gotta love it. It's a constant battle, haha!! :)

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Technology, both a blessing and a curse.

I can relate to the long birthday celebration. My husband's name is Roger and he was born in October. He calls October "Rogtober". Eek!

Jenny said...

you cannot go wrong with chips and queso on your birthday!!

can't wait to see pictures!

Unknown said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday!!!
Sometimes I really hate technology... grrrrr.... hope we get to see pics soon!

Elaine said...

I always have trouble getting pics to upload and it takes FOREVER...which is why I haven't posted "corn" pictures yet. I to LOVE to celebrate my birthday for as long as possible. One year I had 4 or 5 cakes...some were individual, but it was lots of birthday desserts-woohoo!!! Hope yours continues to be great and you have lots of birthday desserts!