Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Slide slide slippity slide

This is what we call a yard sale!!!

 On Monday when Hayden was napping we busted out the slip n slide.

Gary did it and I was snapping some great action shots with my EFS 55-250mm camera lens.

I was very impressed with the awesomeness of the pictures!!

He pulled his shorts up...didn't want to get his shorts wet...HA!

Good luck with that Mister...they are now wet!

Until Gary started snapping shots of me.

I wasn't gonna do the slip n slide.

It looks painful.

It is painful.

I wasn't even in my swim there such a thing as peer pressure from your kids/husband?

Hey...I got some serious air in this shot.

So going on my belly wasn't so bad, but Layla wanted me to go on my knees. 

I think they are broken now...

Can you tell by the look on my face...stop laughing...that's mean.

Oh, this girl loves her slip n slide.

Hayden isn't interested At.All.

We are loving our summer activities :)


Unknown said...

i love the pictures esp. of you and gary!!!

i know layla enjoyed you guys participating!!!

love it.

Kelli W said...

So much fun! I love that you and Gary gave it a try, and that you let him take pictures! I haven't tried a slip n slide in a long time...probably because I know it is going to hurt!

Carrie said...

haha! We used to put ours going down the hill a little bit to go faster...and when I tried it...I flew right over the end of it and got all muddy and grassy! It was great! I remember getting sore hips as a kid playing on that! Such a great time! I love all the pics! You guys are so fun!

Kelli said...

I didn't mean to laugh :) That is so sweet that you both participated!

Drew's Mom said...

Too cute and so much fun! I need to buy one for my little man ASAP.

Lauren said...

So fun!!! I use to love those!!! :)

Anonymous said...

looks like a great time!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh...these are hysterical! I LOVED the slip 'n slide when I was growing up! Absolutely hilarious that you and Gary just jumped right on and played along. :)

Laura said...

mmmmm, yeah - I did this ONCE with my nephew.....I couldnt walk for a week!

You are brave!

Great pics!

Bonnie said...

I don't know who is having more fun...the parents or the kids, ha ha! It is supposed to be 106 this weekend - UGH. Is it possible to be to hot to swim!?