Monday, July 19, 2010

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Kids never play with toys the way they are supposed to.
Not that there has to be a certain way, but you gotta love the imagination.

This is supposed to be a tent sort of thing.  It is blown up w/air and filled with plastic balls.
But it isn't; they are jumping and climbing on it.
Something about wet hair after a bath.
it makes me kids NUTS!


Since I mentioned a bath...after a bath I want my kids to calm down and relax.  But it rarely happens. They dont' soothe before bed.  They go running through the house screaming and yelling.  I try to be all serious and ask them to sit down and rest before bed, but they get me to giggling. And then they do the silly things like climbing on the "tent" or jumping off the sofa.  And then it turns into a wrestle fest.


My hair rubber bands are horrible.  They break all the time.

See what i mean.
What kind do you use?  I have really thick hair. And while we are talking about hair products. 
I need a really good conditioner.  Any advise would be great!


I need to start school shopping for Layla.  She loves dresses but has to wear shorts under them to school.  The shorts we currently have make the dresses look silly, bubbly, big and bulky.
Once again...what do you recommend?  Maybe tights? Even better, bicycle shorts.  Ha!  She'd die!


Layla starts swimming lessons today.  I hope it goes well.  She is very excited.  Parents are not allowed in the pool area.  We can only watch from a viewing area.  I hope she will listen and learn so she can be really confident in the water.  I want that for her.

That is all for now.
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Kelli W said...

My hair bands start to look like that after a while too...probably because I use the same one until it breaks:) I just bought a new set while we were out of town because I didn't pack a single one! She really has to wear shorts under her dresses to school. That is kind of a strange rule! I think tights would be really cute though, and probably not as bulky as regular shorts.

Kelli said...

I get my hair bands from Target but I can't remember what they are called. They look similar to what you pictured though so that may not help. I think you should go with leggings for Layla. My friend dresses her daughter in skirts/dresses and capri-like leggings all the time and she looks adorable. I had to laugh at the calming down thing too because last night I was just saying to Ron that I love when the kids have had their bath and are just relaxing and watching TV, but it's a rare moment.

Heather said...

my hair rubberbands are the ones without the hard piece in them? They are flat all the way around, I forget the name of them but I get them at like Walgreen's, I think you can get them anywhere. I need a good conditioner too, but not for me for Emma!!

I love the pics of the kids with the toys, so funny! i was going to say that they never play with their toys, they are always wanting to play with something that is not a toy!! :)

Lauren said...

School shopping, BOO!!! Just means we're thatm uch closer to summer coming to a close :(

Anonymous said...

Cute post! I usually use bloomers under Lillian's dresses, but have also thought about leggings? Tights are good too! Good luck. Can you believe it is almost time for school to start again?

Unknown said...

This cracks me up! I was the same way when I was a kid...whatever the toy was supposed to be used for was lost on me. I found some other way to abuse it. :) As for the rubberbands...I agree with Heather. I use the ones without the metal on it. And I always get mine at Target. They might be that Gooies brand??

shortmama said...

My girls are the same way after baths! It makes me insane sometimes lol!

Emily said...

The girls at Jack's school have to wear "privacy shorts" under their uniforms...pretty basic, simple ones can be ordered from uniform stores. Try maybe leggings at Gymboree too?
Wish I could help you with the rubber band thing...alas I was not blessed with thick hair!

bethany@thetharpesblog said...

#2- my kids to the exact same thing! what is up with that?! I'd give anything to have a nice warm bath & then sleep for like 12 hours :) cute randoms-stopping by from misc monday!

Hattie said...

That ball pit wouldn't last a second in this house w/ my crazy boys! Doesn't look like it's going to last that long in y'alls either!!!

I have really thick hair too and I'm always busting rubberbands. So if you find any that work let a sista know!!!

I use the Suave (you know the cheap stuff) conditioner. It seems to work well with all our Texas humidity!!!