Thursday, July 8, 2010

Layla got her ears pierced!!

Layla has been asking us for several months if she could get her ears pierced. 
She will be 5 on Sunday. 
I was worried that I'd be the one taking care of these cute little pieced ears. 
So I showed her how to clean mine.  I made her spin them around and clean them with cleaner.
She did it and did great.  Then I sat her down and told her would hurt.
I told her she couldn't change the earrings for 6 weeks and blah blah blah...she still wanted to do it.
We decided that now would be the best time. 
I want them to be healed before school starts in the fall.
On Tuesday off to Claires we went!

My sweet girl getting ready!

Ashley is cleaning her ears and getting her marked up.
She was the sweetest ear piercer ever.
Do they have names for that?

Oh me, oh my! 
Look at that tear heart was breaking at this point.
BUT I had to be strong for Layla.

That face is just so stinkin' sad.

She is holding squeezing the stuffing out of the Claire's bear. 

She later said that that bear and my hand got her through without crying! 

Yes, you heard me correctly...she didn't cry a bit. 
I'm so proud of her, but even if she cried I'd be proud.

And of course a lolli-pop makes everything better :) 

She picked out the cutest little multi-colored daisy earrings.
They have so many more options than they did when I was little.

Here she is picking out earrings for when her ears heal.
She was soooo excited.  I was excited too.

I did it mommy!!!!

Can I get some candy?
How could I say no to such a big girl?!?

Then we bought a new backpack and lunch box combo for Kindergarten.

The Gap had the cutest sets. And bonus...they were 30% off.
 The lunch box clips onto the backpack. 
LK picked out a fun purple backpack and the lunch box is all cute!

In the above picture Layla is posing with her new backpack and a headless mannequin?

 Not sure why, but Mmmm k.

Here is one more look of that sad little face.

My priss pot is getting so BIG!

She is doing great with the cleaning of her ears.  It is Thursday morning and she hasn't skipped a cleaning yet.  She cleans them and then comes to show me that she is turning them in her ears. 
She is loving her new sassy look! 


Lauren said...

This so takes me back to when I got my ears pierced! So exciting and she handled it like a trooper :)

Kelli W said...

She is seriously so adorable! I am so impressed that she didn't cry...and I'm glad she got some candy as a treat for being so brave! I love her backpack and lunchbox!

Kelli said...

What a big girl...and so brave. I'm sure she is super excited.

Drew's Mom said...

Congrats Layla! Such a brave girl... and that face is just too precious!

Unknown said...

She is the cutest little girl on the planet... seriously, that sad/scared face is too much to handle but YAY!! What a brave girl for getting her ears pierced!!

Lacey said...

I'm ashamed to say it but before I found out Molly was a girl, I secretly hoped for another boy. It didn't take long after finding out Molly was Molly instead of Benny, that I would LOVE having a girl. I mean, everyone Mom should have at least one girl, right? Just so they can do girlie things like this. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Way to go, for letting her ask for it instead of torturing her as a little bitty baby like some Mamas do. I don't mean to judge, I just think it's something that should be spared for a little girl to decide on her own. It's more exciting that way.

Great post. thanks for sharing. It made me smile.

Carrie said...

Oh, Emily is dying to get hers pierced! Dan won't let her just yet...but I'm excited when she does too :) Layla looks so cute...what a BIG girl! I love her little face! She did great, how FUN!

Anonymous said...

Layla is such a cutie! You must be very proud. And she has a birthday coming up too. You must be excited!!

I think you are right that she was at a good age to get them done. Lillian will be four in Aug. and I don't think she is quite ready. I think five is a good age.

Alli said...

Big milestone for a sweet girl! She did so well! Hopefully she will do better than Sammi did when it came time to be able to change them...don't do what we did and not have anything in for over a day! (had to take them out for a soccer game and forgot to put them back for about 2 days!) The hole sort of closed and it hurt her to put them back in. So, she doesn't wear earrings anymore. :(

She looks so stinking cute!

Bonnie said...

I remember my mom let me & Becky get our ears pierced when we turned 10. We were so excited! She is so adorable...I love the little pouty face!

LeAnna said...

Awwww, what a big girl!!! That sad face is a real tear jerker, though. She'll look extra cute just in time for school!

Hollie said...

Way to go Layla!! Such a big girl! Kenzie wants her ears pierced also...sort of. She wants to wear earrings but is afraid of getting it done. She decided last Saturday that she was ready. I filled out the paperwork, she picked out the earrings (multi-colored daisies too), and then she chickened out!! I have the form in my purse so I'll be ready.

beckylbranch said...

Awe! She is such a beautiful girl! I wish I could have gone with ya'll to watch this :) She did so good! I remember getting my ears pierced and I couldn't stop staring at my ears in the mirror for days and days...she's growing up indeed....and I can't believe she didn't cry! Way to go Layla!

Ashley said...

How fun! I bet she looks in the mirror at her ears all the time!! This post took me back down memory lane from when I got my ears pierced. Your girl is just beautiful!

texasmacks said...

Her face right before they were pierced kills me! What a brave girl! Let the jewelry fascination begin.