Monday, July 12, 2010

Celebrating with family

We started out Layla's birthday with our traditional birthday cupcake. 
Each year on the kids actual birthday, they get a special breakfast of a yummy cupcake with candles. 
 I love this tradition and the kids do too.

Her little sleepy face is so excited to blow out those 5 candles!!

Make a wish!

Hayden can't believe it... 
He gets a cupcake too to celebrate with Sissy!

Yum yum!

And what birthday isn't complete with a ride around the yard in the jeep.
Hayden learned to drive Layla around yesterday. 
He hasn't driven before, and it was quite a sight!
He likes to go fast!  And Layla was playing her Leapster the whole time.
I bet she got car sick...ha!

We opened gifts after lunch.
Layla got lots of fun accessories & a daisy pen. I love daisies, I might have to borrow it! 
 She got bracelets and necklaces with matching earrings.  Netsie and DeDe got her a cute outfit for school.  She and her brother are very spoiled. HA!

 DeDe and Netsie (my parents) & also my Auntie came for the day to celebrate. 
We celebrated both kids birthdays.
I'm telling you this month is crazy for us.  It is a month of celebrating both kids birthdays. 
I love it!  I love making a big deal about birthdays. 

 Here is Hayden opening the bat and pj's he got from Auntie and Donny Ray.

Hayden had to sit right next to Auntie because Schotzie the dog was.
This is the 3rd outfit for him. 
He is so messy and I changed his clothes every time I turned around.

Layla requested strawberry shortcake for her birthday cake.  She new she is getting cake at her birthday party on Saturday with all her friends, so she wanted something different.  It was so good!  Netsie made a Crusty Cream Cheese pound cake, and we topped it with strawberries and whipped cream. 
 I couldn't stay away from that freakin good. 
Thanks so much for the Yummy cake Netsie
My hips thank you :)

Layla is showing DeDe her new Leapster. 
She is so happy to have it, and Auntie and Donny Ray gave her a game, so DeDe is getting a lesson on how to take care of a puppy.  They were so cute sitting there together.
I just love my daddy, and the kids do too.  We have really missed him.  He has been working WAY to hard lately.  I am glad he was able to come and spend the day with us.

Layla had to invite everyone outside to watch her play in the pool.
She ran and jumped and had a ball showing off for the family.

DeDe pushed Hayden on the swing.  Those two are best buddies!  Hayden didn't want to get out of the swing.  It was so hot I was worried he would over-heat, so I poured a bottle of water on him, and they just kept on swingin'!

This is me, Layla and my mom.
I finally got LK out of the pool for two seconds to get a picture.

At one point during the day Layla told me that she was having the best birthday ever!  I feel like the celebrating has just begun and Layla is very excited about the water slide. To come!

And then the weekend after next is Hayden's actual birthday. 
Busy busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  You guys are gonna get an overload of pictures this month with all the fun we have coming.

Happy Monday :)


Natalie of said...

love the cupcake tradition! happy birthday to your little one!

Kelli said...

What two great little people to celebrate! Looks like a great time was had by all.

Kelli said...

Oh and that strawberry shortcake...delicious!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like a really great day! :-)

Anonymous said...

I really like the cup cake tradition. What a great idea!
I am so glad she had the best birthday ever!!

Kelli W said...

How fun are cupcakes for breakfast on your birthday!?! Layla looks so proud of her new game. We have a busy month of birthdays in April and then we have a busy time at the end of August too!

Unknown said...

Happy Fifth Birthday sweet girl!! (I know, I am a day late!) I LOVE all the pictures and could really use some of that cake!! mmmmmmm... so delish!!

LeAnna said...

Happy belated birthday, Layla! That cook sure looks yummy!

Lauren said...

Aw, what a special day for a special girl!!! :)

Drew's Mom said...

How cute! Love the cupcake tradition & Im sure the kids do too =) Happy Birthday Layla

Unknown said...

great birthday for Layla =)

elijah will be 5 on july birthdays!!!

Jami said...

Happy Birthday, Layla! It looks like it was a really fun day! (love that dress) :)

shortmama said...

Haydens face with the cupcake is priceless!

Heather said...

It looks like Layla had a great day! You guys gave her such a great day, I love the pool and the cupcake for breakfast!! Hayden scored too! Great picture of you, her, and your mom!

Hollie said...

Happy Birthday Layla!! Looks like she had a great birthday. Yeah for the Leapster! That was one of the girls' favorite games. See you Thursday...