Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wild and crazy Monday

{most of these pictures were taken with my phone, so excuse the picture quality}

We started out our Monday with a walk to the park.  We went in the morning, but it was still hot and extremely humid.  Yuck!  I felt nasty when we got home.

Hayden was so happy! While he was swinging, the trash {rash} truck drove by AND picked up trash!  Sweeeeet!  He was really loving the show.

We did a little swinging, and I couldn't get Layla out of this swing...she is way to big for this little swing.

We walked around the pond and asked the kids to sit down to let me take a few pics.  Then I asked the to sit beside one another....and this is how the photo turned out.

This one is fun, but for the life of me they won't look at me.  Oh well.

Close to evening time, this man got sick!  We were outside cleaning up the backyard and Layla and I noticed a speck of blood on the patio. We were not sure where it came from, and I didn't really pay attention.  The kids weren't crying or hurt, so I blew it off.

A few minutes later the kids were at the table doing a craft and Layla said "Mommy, Callaway is bleeding."  Wow...he was.  There was a small puddle and a few drips all over the tile floor.

Gary had just walked in the door a few seconds before all this happened.  Thank goodness he was here.  At first we thought it was a hernia, because Gary was able to push something back into his tummy area.  SOrry, TMI!!

But when we got to the vet they said it was a vascular tumor that had ruptured, and he needed surgery or he would bleed more.  Wow...it all happened so fast.

Callaway has always had skin issues because he is so pale skinned.  We had a tumor removed  a little over a year ago.  Poor guy.  We are just used to seeing little spots pop up on him. None of them ever cause any issues.  But this one was bad and I am so thankful that we got him to the vet quickly!

During all the chaos, I looked down at Hayden's arms while in the exam room at the vet.  And he had colored ALL.over.his.arms.  I just had to laugh, and the nurse laughed too.  I was so embarrassed!

Here is a picture of the staples they used to fix him up.  Last time they put stitches in and he chewed them off.  So they decided to help it full heal they would staple him up.  They are a bit hard to see, he is a spotty man.

He got to come home last night.  Yay for that.  The thought of him in a cage all night was sad for me.  So Gary picked him up around 7:30 and he passed smooth out.  At around 1:30 this morning he started whimpering really bad.  We just loved on him a minute and then he slept the rest of the night.

He is still out of it this morning, but ate a piece of cheese with antibiotic in it.  He has a lung infection that we are treating.  Bless his heart.  He has been coughing for a few weeks.  Who know dogs could get bronchitis?  Hopefully he is on the mend...I'm so thankful that he made it though surgery.  I was worried about the cough and his age (12 yrs old).  I was scared he wouldn't be strong enough for the surgery.  But he is a strong boy and he is OK!  Thank you for all your sweet tweets and prayers!

These two babies are being super attentive to the pup today.  Layla was worried, but now that she sees him looking a little more peppy she is happy!  She loves our puppies, and so do I!!


Kelli W said...

I'm so glad that Callaway is doing better today. I love the cone...I don't think I've ever seen one on a dog other than on tv! The pics at the park are too cute! I especially like the one of Layla and Hayden sitting by each other:)

Emily said...

Bless his poor little heart...I hope he gets some extra doggie biscuits today!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the kids by the flowers at the park. So pretty!!

I am sorry about your dog. I hope he feels better. Poor baby.

Kelli said...

I'm sorry to hear about your other baby! Poor little guy...I hope he heals quickly.

shortmama said...

Hope your dog gets better soon! Poor thing!

Carrie said...

Aw...when pets are sick, it's no different than our little kiddos being sick :( Sounds like he is going to recover quickly and be back to himself! So glad it was all caught so quickly! The kids are adorable too! They are so cute walking together :)

Lauren said...

Seriously, your son’s fascination with garbage never ceases to crack me up!!!!!! And poor dog, glad he made it through the surgery!!!! :)

Bette said...

oh poor callaway! I hope he is better.

texasmacks said...

Poor puppy! It reminds me of the movie Up though with his cone.

That marker scene was too funny!