Thursday, July 1, 2010

rainy day summer fun

It has been cloudy here pretty much all week. 
You just never know when the bottom is gonna fall out and we get a horrible rain storm. 

We have been vegging out here at home almost all week. 
In our pj's!  So nice and relaxing :) 

I gave the kids a piece of 12x12 card stock and let them go to town with foam stickers.

I bought a ton of foam stickers last year for birthday party favor gifts.  
I bought foam visors and let the kids that attended the party take the stickers and visors home to create their own visor. 
It worked out great because all kids need visor in the summertime!

The leftover stickers have just been sitting in the craft closet for a year.

Layla and Hayden had a ball ripping the backs off the stickers and creating their own pictures.

 Layla's final product.

Compared to Hayden's {on the right}  Looks like there was a shortage of stickers, but there wasn't. 
He had them stuck to everything else besides the paper. 
BUT it was fun and it kept them busy for longer than an hour.  WooHooee!!


Kelli said...

Looks like a lot of fun. We have a ton of those stickers too and have made those visors at birthday parties.

Kelli W said...

I think I need some foam stickers! Anything that will keep my kiddos happy for an hour is something I need:) I love that Hayden stuck them everywhere besides the paper...I could so see Eli doing that!

Carrie said...

I have so many craft things in closets that I forget's always fun to pull out and let the kids create! I love the difference in their pictures, haha!
I wish we had a rainy day so I would just stay home in pj's! the weather's been great and I want to be outside...but I think it's coming next week!

Emily said...

Stickers...they're the perfect rainy day activity over here too!