Friday, July 30, 2010

dogs like frosted flakes too

Mornings are my favorite around here.  Yes, I am half asleep and need coffee, but it is so fun to watch the kids play in their pj's in the backyard on cool mornings.  Heck, we can't play outside in the evenings because it is so flippin' hot.  And there is no end in sight!  The forcast says 100 + degree days for the next week.  Layla wanted to have her frosted flakes outside on the patio for breakfast the other morning.

She wanted to me to take a picture of her w/ her face in the flowers. 
It turned out cute, but I took it with my phone.  When I catch her in the right mood, I will use the camera and get some more fun flower pics.

This picture makes me giggle.  Callaway's tongue is slurping his doggie lips.  He wants a bite of those frosted flakes. Layla is sitting in a short kid chair and she has to hold the cereal away from his face.  She was giggling the whole time!  Don't you just love kid giggle first thing in the morning!

Now Callaway and Harley are both begging.  And see the empty princess cup. They knocked it over and drank the milk.  Yep, it is like having four kids.

Now Harley is stalking Layla.  She wants cereal to go with the milk she just drank!

And Layla finally spilled the frosted flakes.

After the dogs had their picnic...Hayden wanted to pose for a picture.  He looks like a tin soldier.

This made Layla want to pose, which is fine by me...she is always running from me.

We had a super fun morning.

Until we had to get ready for swimming lessons.  Layla just doesn't really like the lessons.  I am SO GLAD they are finally over.  I am tired of all the drama and build up that comes with going.  She is a great swimmer and CAN do it.  She is just stubborn.  But now I feel better just knowing that she can swim and help herself if she falls in the water.  Don't get me wrong, she has a TON more to learn, but for now I am happy.  I will put her in lessons again next summer.  She doesn't know that yet!  hA!

Here is her little sad face before the lesson, and after she finally got that 4th sticker!
She just wanted another sticker..ha!

I am very proud of Hayden through the whole swimming lesson adventure.  Each day he sat with me and ate a snack and watched Layla.  He really wanted to run around like a mad man, but he sat/laid down like a good boy.  We sat upstairs in all cement grand stands.  I was so scared that he would fall down the bleachers or stairs and scuff himself up.  But he didn't!

Now after a whirl wind two weeks of swimming lessons we can sit back and enjoy the rest of the summer before school starts!  I'm exctied about school!  I don't know about y'all, but I'm getting ready for fall and all that comes with it!  Football, weather and of course fall foods.


Kelli said...

That is a funny morning scene! I did love frosted flakes when I was a kid so I can see why they all (including the dogs) would love it. Poor Layla and the swimming. I really hope she starts to feel more comfortable soon :(

Anonymous said...

What a nice morning. I love relaxed mornings where we can just take it easy and spend time together. I am sorry the swimming lessons were such a battle. Good for you though for sticking with it! Have a great weekend!

Natalie of said...

haha love the name of this post. we had a cereal disaster this morning. daddy wants to be the cool parent and give our 2 yr old cereal with lots of did not end well. that is why me..the practical just a little. haha.

Elaine said...

I love mornings with Lena Kate, it is such special happy time. We share a bowl of cereal quite often. She likes to eat mine more than her own..imagine that, and Missy is ALWAYS close. I'm ready for Aggie football!!!!...hopefully they will win a game for 2.

I love your blog!

Lauren said...

She is too precious in that first picture. I too am sooo ready for Fall! :)

shortmama said...

We havent even been able to go outside in the mornings lately because its already hot and humid by wake up time!

Kelli W said...

I'm glad Layla survived swimming lessons! Maybe she will like it better next year when she is a little older!