Saturday, July 17, 2010

quick weekend breakfast

I love the four pack of canned biscuits you can get in the grocery store.

They aren't the healthiest, due to the white flour and all, but sometimes a biscuit craving hits me and I have to have one.  These little baby biscuits are 1 weight watcher point a piece.  Heck...I can afford that in my diet once in a while.  And sometimes the larger biscuits can be as many as 4 points a piece.

Gary and I like to bake up a can of biscuits and make these little sandwiches. 
We take sliced cheese and a few pieces of ham and omelet style eggs and stack them up.

Gary just cooks the eggs on medium heat in the skillet and then I use a circle cookie cutter and cut the egg, ham and cheese into perfect circular pieces.

The cheese gets all warm and gooey!  They are perfect for a light breakfast and the kids like them too.  They are kid sized!  This is a new weekend favorite in our house.  And fast for this particular morning...we are getting ready for the kids party :)


Natalie of said...

this look delicious!! we have a version of this as well but i'm going to be trying out the way you do it!! yummy. :)

Unknown said...

Mmmmm.... I make these too and LOVE them :)
So delish. We had baby blueberry bagels with raspberry jam on them this morning... yummo!

Love from Texas said...

these are so cute! i must say - you got me wanting quiche last week so i tried your recipe and it was a big hit! except i had to go the "healthy" route - egg whites, skim milk, fat free cheese and sour cream, low fat sausage, etc - bc the hubs is on diet. even so it was yum! great crust :)

Emily said...

That my husband's favorite breakfast too! :)

Ashley said...

YUMMO! I think I want all of your leftovers from now on. I will drive and pick them up. Just send me a tweet when you get them in a doggy bag. Cool? ;)

shortmama said...

I used to do the same delicious!