Friday, October 29, 2010

Guest Bedroom is a Play Room in our house

This week at Kelly's Korner she wants to see our Guest Bedrooms!

We once had a guest bedroom in our house, and it only got used once or twice a year.  We are so lucky to have most of our family and friends close by.  So, after much discussion Gary and I decided a playroom was WAY more practical for our family!  When we do have visitors they get to crash out in here:

Once upon a time we had a couch in here, but we decided to switch to a futon because we can fold it down and watch movies!!  And of course our guests are more comfy too.  The sofa didn't have a 'hid a bed.'

The only furniture in this room is the futon and dresser.  Everything else is kids and more toys in the dresser drawers.  The dresser works perfectly for toys and movie storage.

Hayden and I spend a ton of time in this room.  He calls it the 'pwayroom'.
Our playroom is a work in progress.

I love this little book shelf.  It was Gary's parents.  It is perfect for little bodies!

Back to the work to do:  above the silhouettes I want to add "All because two people fell in love."  Btw...I am so happy with our silhouettes...I did them and I LOVE them :) 

[I am a cooker, not a crafter, so when I do something the slightest bit creative I toot my own horn!!]

And above the art clothes line I want to add a fun quote too.

I love these caricatures of the best friend had a caricature artist at her son's birthday party. 

What a fun idea...and an even better party favor!!

The play kitchen is the kids favorite part of the playroom.  We have tons of dishes and fake food.  I guess they see Gary and I in the kitchen cooking all the time, so they imitate us.  I love it.  I hope they are little chefs one day :)

And the vacuum is a huge hit.  Hayden follows me around the house while I clean.  I can always hear Elmo screaming 'clean up clean up'  Yes, the vacuum talks.  Ugh!

So that is our guest bedroom...can't wait to see yours.  I'm sure they are 100 times more glamorous than ours...heeehee!!  Happy Friday!


Meant to be a mom said...

I love it, Its such a stylish and fun playroom. You did a great job and I think its nice that your kids have a place to play that's all theirs :)

Kelli said...

Cute! I'm sure you all do spend lots of time in there. I love the art on the clothes line...very good.

~SHO~ said...

I'm LOVING the silhouettes! Great job! Those curtains are great too!


Megan said...

I just love those silhouettes...very nice touch!

Shoshanah said...

I can't believe you did the silhouettes! They're awesome!