Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kids Rooms

I am participating again this week in Kelly's blog party ~ Show us your life. 
This week's theme is kids rooms.

This of course is Layla's room.  She is really into pink and princesses.
Before Layla had a voice in the decor we had a more child like theme.  But I want Layla's room to be HER room and I really think it is a reflection of her style.  She loves the princess clock and she picked out her comforter herself.

The bed, dresser, bedside table and chest of drawers (in closet) are mine from when I was a child.  I love it!  I'm so glad that she likes it.  She has a fuzzy pink rocking chair...the Hanna Montana pillow consumes it! 

We found her a fun cute pink desk and then I made over her desk chair. I love her lime green lamp. It was one of the first things I bought for her nursery almost 6 years ago when I found out she was a girl. 

I had a very fancy room when I was little.  I loved it, but I want Layla to make her choices about her room.  She loves it clean and organized!  Sounds like her mommy!


Hayden's room is transforming from a baby boy to a big boy room.  So it is really pretty plain.

Hayden is too little to have a say in his room decor.  When he slept in a crib the room matched his crib and trucks.  Now that the crib is gone like I said we haven't really done much with his room.  I really would like to add stripes to the walls, but I haven't made time.

He loves his camo tent and chair.  When he plays during the day he retreats to the tent.  It drives me bonkers because it is so big.  Oh well, it makes him happy, and it is better in his room than in the living room. ha!

We really need maps in our house.  Gary travels and the kids are ALWAYS asking where he is going.  Or where the airplane is taking him next.  So I ordered maps.  A US map and a world map.  We wanted them in the office, but they wouldn't fit due to the crown molding.  They are actually fun in Hayden's room.  He loves them and it helps us to learn the states!  Hayden's lamp is also one of my favorite parts of his room.  It has cars, boats, and planes on it. 

Hayden loves his big boy bed.  Neither one of my kids had a hard time transitioning to big beds.  However this captains bed may not have been the smartest idea.  It is so tall.  But it works.  The gentleman's chest was Gary's when he was a kid.  It makes me so happy that we are passing down furniture from our childhood(s). 

And don't you just love how predictable we are with the paint.  Blue for boy, pink for girl...haha!! 


twinkietotmom said...

I love the matching window seats in each room!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Such cute rooms! My niece would DIE for Layla's room. She is almost 4 and obsessed with pink and princesses. :) And I love the map in Hayden's room...such a neat way to decorate! I always wanted a window seat in my room as a kid, too. Love them!

Ashley said...

I LOVE the window seat and little nook in Layla's room. It adds so much character. And either you are a genius or I am dumb as a rock because I have been so worried about the bed transition bc the bed rails are so short. DUH! Never thought of getting two.

Katy said...

Very cute bedrooms!

Anonymous said...

They both have such cute rooms!

Carrie said...

They are both perfect! I agree that the room should be theirs, however, I struggle with that a little :) They each have things that they did, and some that I did :) I love the maps! I want to do that with Alex too...he's really interested in where places are!

Love both rooms, they are so cute!

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

love the window seats in their rooms. i'd have killed to have had one growing up....chatting w/ur gf diss'n our bf's staring out the window...or curled up w/a book!

Shannon said...

Now that pink room takes me back...My room was pink growing up! So girly! Fun taking a peek inside your house!

Kelli said...

Their rooms really seems to reflect them. I want to paint Jamison's room pink like Layla's...what color is that? I need to really work on Caleb's room's so bare. I love the map idea.

beckylbranch said...

their rooms are so cute! I don't think I got to see them when we were over there. I like Hayden's bed! So cute!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Those rooms are adorable. Did you tidy up for the pix? If not, I'm super impressed. My kids' rooms look like a war zone. I love that they are using furniture from your childhood. Precious.
(Have you thought of using spray adhesive to put the maps on corkboard and then framing it out with simple mouldings just tacked to the wall...?)

Jamie Kubeczka said...

So cute! Isn't it funny how boys and girls are so different! Ha! My daughter is obessed with pink!

Jill said...

Love your kids' rooms! I think it's wonderful that your little girl has your bedroom furniture from when you were little. I think I'm going to have to paint my daugher's room pink. She just loves pink and I'm not sure what I was thinking when I had it painted green. :-)

Emily said...

Love it! Layla's room is so sassy! Cute! I feel that way about Charlie's room...really in transition mode!

shortmama said...

Such cute rooms! I let Rhiannon choose her room decor too...and Layla, well I pick hers right now but I like to think I pick things she likes