Sunday, October 10, 2010

pancakes and a grasshopper

Thank goodness for my amazing husband.  He allowed me to lay around all day on Saturday.  I started feeling horrible on Friday night, and really am just now feeling better tonight. I really don't like being sick when the weather is so nice.  I am good today, except for the Cowboy game made me ill.  Gary and the kids played outside all day on Saturday.  I would take cat naps and then go outside to check on them. Today we went on a short walk, played outside, and had some special visitors.  Thankfully the weather was good both days, although the kids faces were still a bit to red for October.  Supposedly the weather is going to cool off this week.  I hope so. 

So here is our weekend in pictures:

Hayden made a new friend in the backyard.

He actually played with it for several hours, which is rare for Hayden.  He normally accidentally dismantles all insects he comes in contact with.

I bet you can hear her screams from where you are...he was chasing her with mr. grasshopper.

Mommy, have you seen my new friend?  I can't find him.

Oh, there he is!!

And after a short nap I headed back outside and found this...

But Gary didn't let Hayden play with this friend.  Creepy!!!

Our little explorer.

Sunday morning I awoke to Gary planning a fun breakfast for us.  Pancakes and bacon :)

These aren't just any pancakes...they are pumpkin pancakes.

I'll share the recipe in a post this week.  We only had 1 cup of Bisquick, so we had to make up a 1/2 recipe.  The pancakes turned out wonderful though.  They are all gone!!

KP and Auntie stopped by for a visit! 

It was so good to see my cousin...he lives far away, so anytime he can come see us we LOVE it!!  And it is always good to see Auntie.

HC, KP and LK!

And that is our weekend, except for tomorrow is still the weekend for us.  The kids don't have school, so I'm sure we will play outside all day long again.  I hope you had a great weekend!!


Heather said...

Girl, I am so sorry that you haven't been feeling well. That stinks, hope things are much better tonight! I can hear the screams, I would be screaming too if Hayden was chasing me with a jumpy grasshopper!! :) Cute pics, glad you got to spend some family time together, those pancakse look yummy!

shortmama said...

Hope you start feeling better...but bonus on the pancakes!

Bonnie said...

Those pancakes look YUMMY! And, I will freak out if Jarrett starts playing with insects & reptiles. I hope he is a computer geek like his daddy :P

Jocelyn said...

mmmmm I love pumpkin pancakes!!! Hope you get to feeling better!!!

beckylbranch said...

oh my Lord those pancakes look delicious! I'm sorry you were feeling stinky....that sucks :( I have off work tomorrow I don't know what I am gonna do with myself! ahhh! I love all your photos of the know I am a photo freak!

Carrie said...

ugh...I know...what is up with this hot weather in mid-October?! So sorry you didn't feel well, but sometimes you just need that to take a break :) Hope you're feeling better on your day off!

Those pancakes look delicious, and so perfect! ;) YUM! Sounds like you still had a really nice weekend with some special family visitors, so fun! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better! Glad your hubby was so sweet and helpful.

Unknown said...

Ewwww.. can't believe he was playing with the grasshopper!! I would have been running around like Miss Layla - trying to get away from the bug!!
Those pancakes look SO good. Look at you - the pumpkin queen :)
I hope you're feeling better my friend!
(I'm afraid I got your sickness!)

Emily said...

PLEASE post the recipe!!! I've been really wanting to try pumpkin pancakes but don't have a good recipe yet. Glad you're feeling better.

Shannon said...

Girl you are on a pumpkin kick, huh? So yummy! I've never had pumpkin pancakes but they sure sound good and I bet they smell amazing! Love the insect guest...boys are so adventurous!

Kelli said...

Look at those rosy cheeks! Those pancakes look super yummy and of course you know we love bacon :) I would have been screaming right along with Layla. I hope you're feeling better today...I hate being sick too, especially when it's nice.

Kelli W said...

My boys don't have a very good track record with keeping critters alive either....the poor tree frogs in our back yard don't stand a chance:) Those pancakes look so yummy!