Friday, October 22, 2010

Fun time with fun friends!

Yesterday we made our 2nd trip to the pumpkin patch this year. 

Layla was at school, so Hayden and I met up with Ashley and Ava, and we also got to meet another twitter/blog friend Britni and her cute kiddos, Rilan and Zoey. It was great to meet new friends.

 The patch was full of dust and dirt, kids with attitudes {not our kids, but kids we didn't know running wild with no parental supervision} and hotness.  It was so dang hot.  I know I have said it a million times, but dang it is hot right now!  Add a million people and wow, it was hot!

Our pumpkin patch is so fun.  There is one side of the patch that has character cut outs.  All kinds of characters except Yo Gabba Gabba (sorry Ava & Ashley).  The kids all had a ball talking to the wooden characters and posing for pictures in front of them.  Hayden is REALLY into Mickey right now.  We watch it every morning!

Check out little Miss Ava in her shades.  She looked like a movie star!

Here is Rilan, Ava, and Hayden.  They are posing in front of the Backyardigans.  And Rilan is the only one that would say cheese for me! Thanks buddy!

Oh my cuteness...look at this little pumpkin...PRESH!

Hayden loved pretending to drive the tractor.

Hayden also decided to toss a pumpkin like a ball.  I was so worried he was going to bust it open.  Ughhh!  He is such a wild boy!

Ava and Ashley in their super star shades :)

Ashley, Ava, Hayden and I went on a hayride.  I was bounced around so much I didn't get my camera out of the bag.  I need to check my phone for a few hayride shots.  Hayden really enjoyed the bounce houses and slides.

He loved them so much I had a hard time getting him off.  He threw a fit!  Every trip to the patch so far he has had a melt down.  It is just so exciting, he can't handle all the fun!  HA!

These last few pictures of Hayden and Ava make me laugh!

He is taking her on a hot date to McDonald's.

I think they were in a sleepy, hot, thirsty and hungry daze!

They must be in traffic.

Look at her sweet little arm around his back.
Awww....melts my heart!
I'm pretty sure in this picture she is gently asking him if he knows where he is going.

We will make our third trip to the pumpkin patch on next Monday with Hayden's preschool class. I'm glad he likes the pumpkin patch.  I like the pumpkin patch because it wears Hayden out!  It ensures a long nap every time.  From both of us...chasing a two year old at the pumpkin patch is a total body workout!

Thanks for meeting us at the patch Ashley and Britni...we can't wait to hang out with you guys again soon!


Ashley said...

I am CRACKING UP!! The last few pictures are hilarious for multiple reasons...
1. Why does Ava look like she is so dang high maintenance?! Could she ever just SMILE? So serious!
2. Love the traffic comment. Cuz clearly they aren't paying any attention to the road.
3. Ava told Aaron that Hayden took her to McDonalds on a tractor. Haha!
We had fun although yes, it was a hot 'ol mess! Can't wait to do my pumpkin patch post soon!!

Kelli W said...

That looks like such a fun time! I'm hoping we make it to the pumpkin patch before's not looking good though! It has been crazy hot here too! Makes all the fall fun not as enjoyable when you are sweating to death!

Britni said...

Aww I love all the photos! We had so much fun yesterday! Looking forward to seeing y'all again soon.

beckylbranch said...

I'm so glad you had fun! And YES why is it STILL so hot here in TX Lordy! Those pics of Hayden and Ava are so adorable...they look like they are driving on a little "date" ha..ha.. so precious!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

What great pictures! It looks like a great day and a fun place (even if it was hot and there were bratty OPKs running around!)

Jill said...

Such cute pics of the kiddos! I'm a little jealous of your warm weather. I went to the pumpkin patch with my son's 1st grade class yesterday and nearly froze to death. It was only about 50 degrees out with freezing cold, strong wind. My fingers went numb. Even today, I still feel like I can't fully get warm. Send some of that heat my way!

Shannon said...

So completely jealous of your pumpkin patch! GG would flip over the character cut outs! All our patch had today when we went was PUMPKINS, go figure! Glad y'all and the kiddos had a great time. Love love love the first pumpkin patch picture!

texasmacks said...

So precious! I love Fall, and I would go to a pumpkin patch every day if I could!

shortmama said...

We have been blessed with 70s lately and its been awesome. Its even been chilly enough for the girls to wear jackets in the morning to play outside!

Lauren said...

SO fun!!!!! I love the memories you make with your kids!! It’s priceless and they will so come to appreciate it when they get older!!! :)