Tuesday, November 16, 2010

About my sweet 5 year old

I haven't really done an update on the kids lately specific to them. 
I think they each deserve a post and since this is our scrapbook it is in order!! So expect an update on Hayden Cole this week also!

Layla Kate, my sassy girl is doing wonderful in kindergarten.  I can't believe how much Layla has learned since starting school.  She is writing and spelling like crazy.  She loves to learn.  She is a joy to be around.  She brings home the most colorful coloring pages ever!  She also loves making cards for her friends at school and is forever asking Gary and I how do you spell this?...how do you spell that?  HA!  I am (try to be) a walking dictionary!

I have to say we are having a bit of trouble with getting enough rest.  But not because she doesn't sleep well.  I am blessed with two AMAZING sleepers.  Layla goes to bed between 7:00-7:15pm.  And sometimes we even put her down as early as 6:45.  She wakes up at 6:30am!!  We leave for school at 7:30am.  She is in school from 7:50-2:50.  And when she comes home from school at 3:00pm she is whipped! She gets plenty of sleep for her age, but school just does her in.  Afternoons around here are so hard sometimes.  We just grin and bear it...

Layla loves to eat.  She asks for candy all the time.  It makes me crazy. Candy is enemy!!  She eats pretty healthy otherwise.  She loves macaroni and cheese and shrimp.  Carrots are her favorite veggie, and she still likes broccoli. She loves fresh fruit, strawberries are her favorite.  If I made bacon every day she would eat it.  We are huge breakfast eaters in this household!  I am also lucky that my kids pretty much eat what we serve.  Layla ate part of a tortilla filled with chili!!  I don't know many kids that would even try chili.  But whatever daddy grills she eats, steaks, chicken, pork and loves ribs.

Layla loves technology.  She loves playing around on the computer.  She loves our iPhones and our iPods.  She has a Leapster and she really likes playing the Wii.  She loves learning and exploring all the technology she can.  But she also loves to be outside.  She loves to swing and run.  She really loves to jump on the trampoline!  It is so funny to watch her and Hayden jumping together!  I feel very lucky to have a balanced daughter.  I like that she goes outdoors and gets some energy out!

Layla loves music.  She loves singing and making up songs.  I play piano and she is such an eager learner as I have started to teach her.  She has learned to play five songs!!  She really wants her very own iPod for Christmas...we will see :)  She loves Miranda Cosgrove, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. I am so happy she is my little music lover.  She loves to put music on and color or do a craft.  She love to create, paint and decorate!

Layla will hopefully start gymnastics class in January.  She really hasn't wanted to do sports just yet.  I am hoping she will try soccer.  She is really good at dribbling around in the backyard.  Hopefully she will give it a whirl....she seems very nervous about doing some activities.  And wish washy.  One day she wants do sports and the next she doesn't.  I'm sure she will out grow the wishy washy and shyness.  Sometimes she clams up and is very shy.  That doesn't happen very often, but when it does she just gets so quiet.  It really is sweet.

My little tooter is VERY witty!  She makes us laugh every day.  She is always saying something silly or bossing someone around.  She is going to be a great mother. Oh my bossy~ness!!

  Layla is my girly girl.  She has her own style and I enjoy letting her express herself in the clothes she wears.  Sometimes her clothing choices crack me up.  Thankfully, we pick her clothes out every Sunday for the school week.  Each Sunday I am surprised by her choices, but if they are too wild I can tame them.  heehee!!

I am so thankful for my little girl!!


Kelli W said...

Layla is such a sweet little girl! I need a little bit of her girly-ness at my house:) I had to laugh at the bacon thing...my boys would eat a pack of bacon each if I would let them! We can't afford to have bacon very often:)

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Hi Miss Layla! You are so, so cute!! You look JUST like your Momma!

Oooo, and iPod?! Do you think y'all will get her one?? Hot pink would be way cool!!

Hey, being bossy isn't TOOOO bad! Haha

Kelli said...

She sounds like a joy! This is great for you to capture her as she is now because they change so fast.

Shannon said...

She's so sweet! Do they have naps in her kindergarten? GG is a sleep too and I'm sure that school will just take it all out of her! So fun that's she's learning so much and so eager to learn more. As a former teacher, I just love that! Such a great age! By the way, her tutu in that one picture is absolutely adorable! And believe it or not, we have an old Ipod that we let GG play around with. She doesn't know too much but she can watch her downloaded videos and bounce to the music!

I think Aly's right, a pink ipod might be in order! :)

Ashley said...

She is such a great kid because you are such a wonderful momma!
She does look so much like you. And you know what?? She looks like me in some of these pics when I was her age. I am so gonna have to find a pic and show you!
She will adjust to the sleep schedule. It takes them a while, but eventually she will not be so tired in the afternoons. I saw this every year with my kinders and the parents were so worried.

And bonus that you play the piano! Can you teach me? I'll teach you how to play the guitar in exchange. Although I'm pretty sure I can't play any more.

Carrie said...

She is so sweet! I love when they start learning so much at school...it's sad, but even in just second grade, Alex knows alot more than me sometimes ;)

She is such a cutie, what a fun post! I need to do that sometime. They absolutely derserve to hear all the things that make their mommy and daddy so proud!

Anonymous said...

It may not be that she's not getting enough sleep but just not enough down time. My Audrey who just turned 7 (2nd grade) was like that in Kindergarten and still can be now. It will get better. I try not to push too many activities because it seems to be too much for her.

Layla is a cutie and I sounds like her and Audrey have a lot in common!

lsnellings said...

Your 5 year old girl sounds just like my 5 year girl! Except for the shrimp...Libby won't touch those!

Jill said...

She is such a beautiful little girl and I LOVE her name!