Friday, January 14, 2011

gotta have bacon

I feel like lately all the pictures I take are of us in our PJ's.
Winter is beating down our door. 
{I won't complain I have said before soon it will be 107 degrees again!!} 
Our family loves to be outside, so it is hard to stay in. I'm not sure if the temps have gotten above freezing this entire week.  But we are making the best of the cold weather.  I think we we eat more in the winter. The kids get bored and want to snack all the time. I feel like all I do is cook and do dishes.

When Layla and Hayden were babies each of them had a favorite "go to" food.  For each of them it was a banana.  They loved bananas.  If they wouldn't eat a banana I knew something was the doctor...hee hee! 

Wow, times have changed. Now the kids love bacon. They both love bacon as much as Gary and I do. They would eat bacon every single day if I would make it.

And as I mentioned earlier...they are both in PJ's!!

What what is the "go to" food in your house?

Happy Friday!!


Jillian said...


Sally said...

My kids would be SO jealous! I hardly ever make bacon at home, but when I do, you'd think I had made a chocolate cake by my kids reaction. They swoon over just the thought of bacon LOL! Our go to food...BREAD. I love buying specialty loaves and trying out new combinations. But it is impossible to keep enough around here. I've even stooped so low as to hide it when I feel I haven't gotten enough. Don't tell ;)

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

ask me again when i'm not pregnant. right now it's anything i see and I GO TO it..hahaha

lsnellings said...

It is definitely bananas for my littlest one. The two girls would probably subsist on bread only if I let them. They are carb freaks!

Elaine said...

well, I eat a bacon and egg taco just about every morning. Lena Kate LOVES berries-blackberries especially, but I think applesauce is her all time favorite!

Kelli W said...

My kiddos have been eating a lot of yogurt lately...and we go through a lot of bananas too! My boys love bacon, and I rarely ever make it. We ate at a breakfast buffet over Christmas, and Jason said he thinks Eli ate his weight in bacon while we were there:)

Carrie said...

bacon is loved at our house too, ha! I tend to eat alot of sweets though...not helping with trying to lose this extra weight...but yum! haha! And Emily is always in her pj's when she's home! stay warm!

LeAnna said...

My Hubby would fit right in over at your house. I think he'd eat bacon every meal, but I won't let him. He has high cholesterol! Our go-to food is cheese! We can't live without cheese sticks around here. Well, all except for me, I can't have dairy right now, so I just smell it. Haha!

Ashley said...

You crack me up.
Not sure what really cracked me up in this post, other than I just hear you saying everything you typed. ha!
Our "go to" food is JUNK! Chips or cookies.
For Ava it is cheese.
Tonight she said she wanted "the wittle cheese". Threw me for a loop, but I realized she meant shredded cheese. Little toot!

Kelli said...

We love bacon over here too. I just bought some the other day and Caleb wanted me to cook it right away.