Thursday, March 8, 2012

slowly feeling better

I have been a quiet blogger this week.  Sadly nothing much is going on.  Layla and I are recovering from the flu.  Gary and Hayden are keeping their distance from us girls.

I miss cooking.  I haven't really been in the kitchen at all.  I can't wait to cook up some fun things.

I managed to muster up some strength to clean and do laundry today.  I feel much better since I got that done.  I was really moving slowly though.  It took me 1 1/2 hours to do what should have taken me  45 minutes, but it is done!

Layla went to school today for the first time in 3 days.  I was so worried about her.  I know she was so frail, but I got at email from her teacher and she did just fine.  I was feeling so worried about her since her cough is so bad.  Luckily she made it the whole day and came home ready to rest!

It is a rainy dreary day today.  The day started at about 70 degrees and now it is 48 and rainy!  We need the rain, but I was mislead by the weatherman.  I thought it was just going to be rainy.  I had no clue about the cold part.

Gary and I were going to start the kids Spring Break by sending them to my parents for a few days so we could go on an adult only trip with friends to Shreveport.  BUT with all the sickies going on we cancelled our trip.  Hopefully at the end of next week our family will all feel well enough to go camping for the last part of Spring Break.

We are also hoping to go see The Lorax.  I know the kids will love it and I am looking forward to movie theater popcorn.  Yum!

Have a great Thursday night!


Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

dude that was crazy yesterday huh!! walking out 20 mins later from walmart in a tank dress and one of my kids barefoot made me feel like a horrible parent...BUT I WELCOME THE COOLER AIR...not looking forward to a hot summer yet

Traci said...

Glad y'all are recovering. We're getting the rain now. They say we're geting a cold front with it but it's only getting down to the mid 50's. Have a good weekend.

Just Jennifer said...

Loving the cooler weather. It's a shame you had to cancel your trip- hope another chance comes for you soon!