Saturday, March 31, 2012

A spring Saturday update from my phone

Today it was just the kids and I until late afternoon.

Gary was golfing, so the kids planned our own day.  We hung out mostly outside.

Our morning started with us picking up our produce from the coop.  We got some amazing goodies!

I got so much stuff and it all fit in my Thirty-One large utility tote.  I love that big thing.  I have used it WAY more than I thought I would.

Auntie came over for a visit.  We were so happy to see her!
I love this picture of Auntie and the kiddos & Daisy.

We played at the park and enjoyed the wonderful weather.

Hayden is not matchy matchy in this picture, but I am learning to let the little things go.

Actually I am happy he is picking out his own clothes and dressing himself.  At least he picked all blue right?

Layla is keeping her wound covered with a ball cap and sunglasses.  She is getting tired of her camping ball cap though.  We are on the lookout for some cute ball caps for her to wear since she needs to be covering that eyebrow for the summer.

I love this picture of my sweeties!

After we played at the park we enjoyed a picnic lunch.  The weather is just amazing!  We are just loving these fun spring days.

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Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

that tote rocks!

AS FOR hats...i sooo need to get a handful again for my kids! i'm not ready for 100+ weather

Kelli said...

Look at all of that amazing produce!!! Looks like you all really enjoyed the beautiful weather...picnics are a lot of fun!