Wednesday, March 21, 2012

brave little girl

Today a little after lunch time I got a phone call I hoped I'd never get.  

Gary and I were out running a few errands while on his lunch break and the school nurse called to say Layla had been hurt.  The call was brief and the nurse assured me Layla would be just fine, but we needed to come get her because she may need stitches.

Holy Moly. 

 Breathe in - breathe out.

I am just not good with things such as this.

We were about 20 minutes away from the school and I had time to calm down in the time it took to get there.  I think that was a blessing.  I tend to over react to things.  The last thing I wanted to do was upset Layla.  Once we pulled into the parking lot I couldn't get into that school fast enough!

I walked straight into the nurses office and Layla was sitting there looking so sad.  It broke my heart.  All I could do was hug her.  I couldn't stop hugging her.  She had a huge patch over her right eye.

What happened? 

Layla was playing at PE and she and a classmate were going for a ball while playing a game and their heads hit.  She said it hurt and she cried for a minute and then she saw blood on her hand after touching her face.  Bless her heart.  The teachers were quick to get her to the nurse.  I am thankful they all took such good care of my girl.  I love our school!

Let me just say how proud I am of Layla.  She is so brave.  I can't believe how brave she is.

She never cried.  Like never ever.  
She cried when it happened but by the time we got to the school and then the entire ER visit she was tear free.  


In the Jeep on the way to ER.

All these pictures were taken with my iPhone.

The nurse was getting her all settled in and ready for the doctor to see her.  We finally saw the laceration when the nurse pulled back the bandage.  

***graphic images follow***

I guess I never processed in my head what 2-3 inches would look like.  I had no idea the cut would be THAT big.  It was so big.  I was shocked, but tried not to act so dramatic in front of Layla.

The nurse took a short quick look and scurried away to get some numbing medicine.  When she rubbed it onto the laceration Layla got a bit upset.  I can see why.  Good grief.

Daddy and Hayden did great keeping Layla in good spirits.  They were talking about tooting and all kinds of silly stuff.  Hayden was at school today, but when we realized we'd have to go the emergency room we were worried we wouldn't make it to get him from school in time.  Soooo, he got to see the entire thing!  He did great for a busy 3 1/2 year old!

While waiting for the numbing cream to take effect we watched an episode of Bubble Guppies.

The doctor had to clean the area and that was not fun.  He was rubbing and cleaning blood from her eyebrow.  I felt so bad for Layla, but she just laid still and calm.  She was squeezing my hand the whole time.

This picture is so bad.


It was taken right before the Dermabond was applied.

I was struggling with stitches or no stitches.  I wasn't sure about her getting stitches in her face.  The scaring. Would it scar?  I was worried about her having a scar right above her eyebrow.  I didn't know what to do, but the doctor did what he thought was best and we are completely satisfied with the outcome. 

After the glue.

Sweet girl!  She didn't want to look in the mirror at all.  She finally looked at a few of the pictures I took on my phone.  She was shocked.  She couldn't believe it looked so bad.  

The ER we went to was amazing.  We are so happy to have found them.  The doctor had a grand-daughter a year older than Layla.  He knew this was our first time with an emergency situation.  He did what he would have done if it were his family he was treating.  All the nurses and paramedics were great and we are so thankful.

Once we left ER we asked Layla what she wanted and she asked for Tutti Frutti again.  We had it on Sunday and she loved it then so I had a hunch she'd ask for that today.  She totally deserved it!  


Of course brother got some too.

Once we got home she got a bath and wanted to hug her favorite stuffed animal BeBe.  A few of her sweet friends came to visit her.  I know how busy families are after school, so we felt so blessed they came to visit her on a busy school night.  We really are surrounded my great friends here in our neighborhood.  We are blessed by a great school and wonderful friends!

We all devoured the cupcakes before I could get a 'before' picture of them.  
They were a wonderful treat!

Layla is sleeping soundly in her room and I hope she has a restful night.  If she is feeling good in the morning she can go to school.  She isn't allowed to run and jump and play, but I think she will do just fine tomorrow if she just takes it easy.  Hopefully after a week or so she will be all healed and feeling better.   

Thank you for all the texts, emails and tweets today...they mean so much to our family!


Heather said...

Poor girl. She IS brave. I'd probably be boo hooing.

Lilly said...

Such a brave daughter but you are such a brave mom! This is one of my big fears as a future parent because I don't go blood, gashes or broken bones so I'll have to fight to be calm the whole time that I'm supposed to be comforting my child! I'll have to save this post for one day when I need the strength. :o)


Red Stethoscope said...

Holy moly! She got that from running into another kid?!!! I think the dermabond was a good idea. As far as the scarring, it depends on how the cut happened. Without trying to sound disgusting, our skin kind of runs in a "grain," like meat, so surgeons always try to make cuts heal along those same skin lines. She's pretty young, though, so she'll probably be fine. I know I'm supposed to be tougher, but I'm still a little shocked at how bad that cut was.

Meredith said...

Bless her heart!!! What a brave sweet girl!!! Hope it heels fast.

Karen At Home Blog said...

My heart breaks for that sweet face!!! I hope the cut heals soon. Hope you are hanging in there Angie!!!

Kelli said...

She is one of the bravest kids I know. I would have been crying my eyes out!!! Glad that you had a good ER experience and were taken care of well. She totally deserved some Tutti Frutti!

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...


we've done the glue and really depends on the area a leg and knee that bend ..i would say stitches since it moves and stretches so oldest has had stitches 3 times...not including surgeries..

each eyebrow got split open once from jumping on a top bunk and hitting the fan (ugh) and the ex and son were wrestling and he hit the corner of the coffee table...

i hate blood...

she was such a brave girl!!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Oh bless y'alls hearts!! That is SO scary!! She is so brave and I'm glad she's okay!! Wishing her a speedy recovery!!

Kelli W said...

Okay, wow! The picture right before the glue made that cut look so bad! I know you are so proud of her for being so brave!

Traci said...

Poor thing! Those pics look bad. Hard to believe someone's head did that much damage! I hope she's feeling better today.

Amy said...

oh my word!!!! so glad she is okay and what a terrifying phone call to get. ugh.
if it makes you feel any better, i had a similar accident when i was her age. i do have a small scar over/through my eyebrow, but with the way my eyebrow arches, you would never know it. i just don't have to pluck/wax them there - ha! :)
i also got hit with an elbow below my eye and had visible scar there, either. besides, battlewounds make great stories, right?! :)
praying her recovery is quick and painless...what a brave little girl you have!

Amber said...

How scary! I am glad she's okay. She definitely looks like one brave little girl :)

GlassGardener said...

Bless her heart! I know she is 'uncle Jody's niece' he always gets owies on the eyebrow! I remember my first time in ER with my son, scary, we hurt right along with our babies! You did good keeping it together, good job Mamma! Hope she had fast recovery and no pain ! Aunt B and Uncle Jody wish you fast healing!

LeAnna said...

Poor, sweet girl! You were BOTH so brave! I'm so not looking forward to these kinds of things, but it comes with the territory. I'm glad they were able to glue it, and hopefully it will heal with nary a scar. B had a skin tag removed at the dermatologists office last week, and they told him not to use neosporin because it scars!?! Have you ever heard of such a thing? I'd never heard of that...

Perfectly Imperfect said...

ohmygosh!! Poor Layla!! That hurts me!!! What a brave girl!