Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break 2012 Recap

We had a great spring break!

We ate so much the whole week!  It was a great treat to eat, but I feel full just thinking about it all!

We started off the week with some super yummy local pizza shoppe lovin'!  We woke up needing a new coffee pot which lead to a fun shopping trip.   I tried the new Taco Loco and we had more chips and dips than the law should allow.  We also had s'mores every night while camping!

We had tons of fun as a family of four.  We played fun games for hours on end.  We all did our part around camp to help make the campsite our home away from home.  The kids helped dad gather firewood.   Hayden said he'd catch all the fish for us to eat, but he didn't and I am okay with that!  We did a lot of exploring and played in the sand at the beach.

Every chance we got we'd head down to check on the prairie dog camp.  The kids loved the prairie dogs.  They fed them little scraps of food.  I think they were cute little pups.

We had another family join us for a night.  It was so fun for the kids and adults.  The kids played together and us adults had fun too!  

The kids were being so goofy playing with clothes pins.  

Ouchie!!  Yes, those are clothespins on their faces. 

  This was Daisy's first camping trip and she is a sweet little camper.  She was really nervous the first day or so, but each day she got more comfortable!

I love this picture of her.  She is chillin' inside the pop-up trailer.  She was so sweet watching us play.  She didn't want to come out, she loved it in there!

On the last day we tried fishing again, but we didn't have any luck.  I was honestly sad to leave the day we packed up to come home.  I can't wait for summer break so we can camp all summer long.  I pray we don't have another scorching hot summer.  Last summer we couldn't camp much because of the HOT weather.

Once home we just had to go see The Lorax.  It was such a cute movie!

Yesterday we celebrated St. Patrick's Day with all things green!

Today we had a fun family lunch!

We had steak and shrimp.  It was an amazing way to end a fun week of fun spring break activities!

The kids had ice cream and brownies with sprinkles for dessert. 
 I had a small was a fun treat!

Have you had Spring Break yet?  How was it?   If not, what are your plans?

It is back to school and work for all four of us tomorrow!  We are thankful for our fun and safe week.  


Carrie said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! What great weather and yummy food! Dan tried the dorito taco and said it was so good! :-)
Our Spring Break is this week and we are just taking a few days to go to Michigan skiing {in 70-degree weather?!} and play at the water park. Hope it's a good trip! ;-) Have a good week, it's always hard gettng back to reality!

Just Jennifer said...

You make me almost excited about camping! How fun, so glad you guys enjoyed and the weather cooperated!