Sunday, March 4, 2012

our feverish weekend

Our weekend started off super fun!  Hayden went to a birthday party for his friend Jake.

He had the best time jumping and running and playing with his buddies.

After jumping we had a birthday lunch and cupcakes!


Friday night we had sloppy Joe's and it was then that I realized Layla wasn't feeling well.  It is one of her favorite meals and she barely ate.

Our sweet little girl was feverish and felt terrible all day Saturday, so we had a low key weekend at home.

Today [Sunday] she isn't feeling much better.  She has had fever all day long, but is in better spirits.   It is so hard to see her sick and there is nothing we can do to make her feel better.  Hopefully by Tuesday she can go to school again.

This afternoon I toasted the granola we got when we picked up our first Bountiful Basket on Saturday morning.  I'm also making homemade apple sauce because we got tons of apples!  I'm going to post about our fresh produce co-op tomorrow morning.  It is so cool; it deserves a post of it's own!

For now I am heading to watch Desperate Housewives.  I'm putting my feet up!  I forget how independent Layla is until she isn't.  She felt absolutely terrible, but I did enjoy the extra snuggles she was giving!

How was your weekend?


123 said...

Oh goodness! We had a feverish week, so I understand exactly how you feel! I hope little miss feels better very soon!!

Kelli said...

I love those jump places...looks like Hayden had a great time. Poor Layla...she looks so tired. I hope she is on the mend and back to her old self soon. I miss DH last night...gotta catch up this week. I'm interested to see how they're going to wrap it up. I was buried in cookies all weekend since I picked up Girl Scout cookies for Jamison's entire troop.

Ashley E. said...

Poor Layla! Hope y'all feel better soon!!!

Traci said...

OK that first pic is hysterical!! I love Hayden's smile. Too funny. Hope everyone's feeling better soon.

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

i don't like it when my babies are sick either....poor baby