Sunday, June 10, 2012

a day on the lake

We spent the weekend with friends in Waco.  
The kids didn't mind the hour ride down to Waco.  They are loving our fun road trips this summer!

Layla and Mia always have a fun time together.

Jarred and Shelby live on a golf course and Hayden thinks it is the coolest thing ever.  He loves sitting on the patio watching the golfers play.

Saturday we went on the boat.  Hayden got to drive!!  He was so so happy!

He did pretty good on the boat, it was his first time.  He was nervous most of the time, and didn't want to get in the water.  He held onto a handle the entire time we were cruising the lake.

We had lunch on a restaurant on the lake.

The cheeseburgers were so delicious!  We were starving after swimming all morning.

Layla Kate loved the water.  She loved every second of the lake and had a BIG time tubing.

I was nervous, but she was not scared AT all.

I was so proud of her!

See Hayden holding onto the cushion handle.  Mr. Cautious like his momma!

After we finished our lake adventure the adults enjoyed a dinner out at my favorite Mexican food restaurant in Waco.  We ate at Ninfa's because I love their green sauce.  The adult evening was so fun.  I am thankful for great friends!

This last picture makes me smile.  Hayden loves Moose the (great dane) dog.  Moose is so big and gentle!  It was cute to see Daisy with Moose too, he's huge and she's tiny. 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Kelli said...

Great friends are awesome...and good food and getaways. I love Hayden and his hats!

Carrie said...

That looked like so much fun! I have never been tubing and I'd be like Hayden, I get really nervous on boats and being out on the water! I think I'd like to try it sometime though...maybe! ;-)

Traci said...

I like the green sauce too but I like other places better for the actual food. Figures. We watched some of the baseball games that were in Waco over the weekend. It was hot!