Friday, June 29, 2012

our week in pictures

The kiddos had a dentist appointment and  

Hayden got to watch Layla get her teeth cleaned.  He thought is was the coolest thing ever.
He watch her go right after he had already gotten his cleaned.  It was fun for him to see what he just had done.

"Mommy, she is going to clean dem!"

Layla was so brave.  She looks nervous, but these kids have trips to the dentist dialed in.  
We are happy to report, NO CAVITIES and two very cooperative kids.


Mmmmm!  The kids ordered salami sandwiches.  I was shocked, but they ate every bite!

This is Gary's handwriting.  Yes, meal planning has rubbed off on him.  I am so proud!

Some nights I actually set the table fun for us.  I'm cheesy, but Layla and I love dining fancy some nights!

I hadn't made chicken spaghetti in months.  You know why?  Because I could eat the whole pan.  Ahhhh.  I love it and it was such a delicious treat!

The kids are getting really good at Mario Cart.  I am really terrible at this game.  I try not to act disappointed.  Maybe one night I'll sneak in there and practice while every one is in bed.  I'm just so stinkin' competitive.  I don't wanna lose.

I took a picture of Mr. Yellow Grasshopper.  He was just hanging out outside the garage. 

I was enjoying rest-time with the kids.  I'm laying on the Dora couch and my Twizzlers pillow.  Daisy decided to jump on me and then make herself at home all sprawled out on her back.  She is one spoiled rotten dog and I wouldn't have it any other way.

We got the best watermelon at Kroger.  Oh my it is so delicious.  
Watermelon is one of my favorite parts of summer. 

I have no words.  Hayden falls for her tricks every time.  They both made me laugh so hard.  They were trying to walk on the tile floor.  They were clanking around and tripping.  Goodness gracious.  They think they are so funny!  I'm just thankful for no broken bones.

One of my favorite summer dinners.  Tostadas.  They are so easy and light after a hot summer day.
The ingredient for these pictured above:  tostada shells, pinto beans smushed into 're-fried' beans, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and salsa and sour cream for dipping.  This meal would have been perfect with guacamole.

I saved the funniest picture for last.  Sweet Hayden has cleaned his plate all week long at dinner time.  I'm so proud because usually we beg him to eat a few bites.  But after dinner on this particular night he said he felt like he was growing and we needed to measure him!

That is our week in pictures ... I hope you have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!


Red Stethoscope said...

I am SO impressed that you and Gary make daily meals. Those tostadas look amazing! Now, please adopt me. :)

Todd and Courtney said...

Ya'll are so fun!! The meal planning is awesome. Ive been so so bad about cooking at night with Todd being gone 5 nights. Poor Lauren has had shredded cheese in tortillas more times than not :)

Traci said...

That sandwich looks as big as Hayden! Tostadas remind me of when I was a kid. We used to have them all the time & I never make them. I think I found a new meal!