Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our first trip to the pool

We finally took our first trip down the road to our community pool.


The kids did great!  Hayden wouldn't step foot into the deep end when we first showed up, but then he overcame his fear and jumped in.  [with his floatie on of course.]  Layla rocked the pool and she swam like a little fish!  

The kids had a blast letting Gary throw them around.   I was shocked at how hot the water was.  It was not near as refreshing as the $25 blow up pool we splash around in in our own back yard.  I guess when it is 100 plus degrees there is no relief.  Hopefully we will stay cool this summer.  It's seems like it's gonna be a scorcher!

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Kelli W said...

I hate for the swimming pool to be really cold, but it's not very fun when the water is hot either! Looks like your kiddos had fun though!

Traci said...

Our pool was 92 yesterday. Not exactly refreshing but better than nothing. Dean has this thing he rigged up to recirculate the water & if it runs overnight it brings the temp down several degrees. It doesn't sound like much but it's amazing what a difference a couple of degrees make. It looks like y'all had fun.