Monday, June 11, 2012

snaggle tooth sweetie

Layla lost a tooth this past weekend while we were out of town at a friends house.

She has never lost a tooth with me being present.  

She lost her first tooth at a sleepover.  

She lost her second tooth while at school.  

The last time we were visiting Waco she lost her third tooth while I was at dinner. 

 Saturday night while we were having an adult night (the kids were hanging out with a sitter) we got a text that said, "Layla lost her tooth!"  I was shocked!  
This time the tooth fairy didn't forget to deliver her money!

She lost a top tooth.  She has lost 3 bottom teeth and now a top tooth.  It's so exciting.

It's a shame kids spend tons of time teething as babies and toddlers just lose them all as grade-schoolers.   When I was looking in Layla's mouth she showed me she is getting two molars!

So there it is:   all you wanted to know about the mouth of my 6 year old.  

Who by the way will be turning 7 in one month!  One month!!

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Kelli said...

Why do they grow so fast?