Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sock octopus craft

I would like you all to meet Stripy Stripey the octopus.

She is a sock octopus.

Layla was dying to do a craft.  She is the craft queen.  

I have to find more crafts for her to do to make her happy during the summer months.

This particular request was for a sea creature craft.

I found an old pair of socks I knew I wouldn't wear any more.  We put one sock into the other sock and shaped it into a ball.  Then we put a rubber band around it.  Once it was all cute and round Layla cut the top part of the sock off.

Then I cut 8 strips forming the octopus legs.

Then of course the octopus must have color.  Lots of color.

Fun times!


Layla is one proud crafty chic AND guess what?  

This was a FREE craft!  Yay!


Kelli said...

Cute...and free is always nice.

Lacey said...

Such a cute idea. I feel compelled to call it a socktopus!